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the student with the best grades who usually delivers the valedictory address at commencement

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In February, UT-Austin took the unusual step of reversing its admissions decision for Mau and nine other small-school valedictorians.
Continue reading "Tel Aviv University Just Graduated an Egyptian Valedictorian.
NO The process of selecting a class valedictorian based on the highest weighted GPA harms more students than it helps.
Early in their high school careers, top-achieving students analyze their school's selection procedures for picking the class valedictorian.
The first AUD graduation ceremony I attended I saw Bill Clinton deliver a speech and from that day I was determined to give the valedictorian speech for my graduating class," Mahmoud said.
He felt like he wanted to be inclusive and include them as valedictorians.
Nearly all of the valedictorians were chosen on the basis of the highest weighted GPA, and most schools named only one valedictorian per year.
Nine Antelope Valley valedictorians have been awarded full scholarships this year to attend California State University, Long Beach, through its President's Scholars Program.
The young Franklin graduated valedictorian from Booker T.
She is a senior, anxious to get out of high school as the valedictorian and off to college in the coming year.
In addition, Edu CARE is offering a new Dell laptop computer to a top graduating student at the high school, possibly the valedictorian, which Aaron Migdol will personally present at the commencement ceremony taking place on June 21, 2006.
She was an excellent student, the valedictorian of her 1932 high school class; a Navy officer who served honorably for seven years until leaving the Navy to give birth to the first of three sons; a caring mother and dedicated spouse; a school teacher; and an exemplary Auxiliary leader and example for generations of Auxiliary members.
But he quickly proved his intellectual ability by graduating as valedictorian of Mercer Academy in 1896 and then from Franklin and Marshall College in 1900.
In some ways, it seems that the valedictorian is a status designed for a simpler time, when fewer people aspired to college.
When he writes his concern for a black honor student being prevented from becoming Valedictorian because of one grade and his fears that the grade was improperly motivated, he tells of holding meetings with the teacher, parents and school board but never shares what each side said.