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to no avail


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In the way A scene made him scared Went his hair to rise Ran his eyes streams Woke up all his still sorrows and pains And recalled his memory to that very eve Generated his father to fall apart Under the belts of the cruel bulldozer As he was vainly defending their house Against the roofless jackals and wolves Packs of jackals Swarming to squat our Cannite-original land
The agency has tried vainly over 18 months to visit the suspected site of weapons-related experiments.
VAMPIRES SUCK (12A) Writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Selzer vainly attempt to sink their fangs into the Twilight saga in this shockingly bad spoof.
While he may be right in stating that our servicemen and women are 'illequipped', it's quite wrong for him to dismiss their efforts as 'driving around being blown up while vainly trying to subdue the Taliban'.
He counseled Lebanese leaders to give it up completely rather than vainly upholding it.
Just as Marxists vainly believed that the proletariat would rise up against capitalism, Mr Jones and his fellow nationalists equally delude themselves that an independent Wales is inevitable.
That the biographer of James Maxton - make that hero worshipper - should see out the last days of his service vainly, desperately seeking to shore up a colonial adventure that would have embarrassed Lord Palmerston is sadder, much sadder, than the rending asunder of Mrs Gallagher's two wee boys.
On July 9, on these very pages, my MP Ashok Kumar was vainly attempting to extol the virtues of his party in regard to law and order.
Lip service is such a deception not only to the person who vainly volunteers, but also to those who have to pick up the pieces of their neglect of duty.
vain*ly adverb <I looked at the others, searching vainly for a sympathetic face.
The artist was seen vainly trying to grab on to a rope to stop the inflatable taking off.
Manila: A man enraged over his gay lover's alleged infidelity cut off the latter's organ before vainly trying to flush it down the toilet.
Alex Fisher side-footed home unmarked for the opener on three minutes and then Danny Spencer doubled the lead as Rovers vainly appealed for offside a minute later.
should do what it vainly did for decades in the region: urge regimes to open up, with little hope they will comply?
Peter Kenyon, the club's chief executive, has been battling vainly to present a united front to the public.