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Synonyms for vainglorious

Synonyms for vainglorious

feeling self-importance


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Perhaps the Queen could cancel her guest appearance at St Paul's and suggest burial at sea, similar to those dead mariners she sent vaingloriously to the Falklands.
However, the show also reveals that when Pistorius was initially arrested for the Valentine's Day murder, he displayed bravado, vaingloriously telling police "I'll survive.
He has promised to "counter the rise of political Islam," contending vaingloriously that he is "by experience able, 100 percent, to control this phenomenon.
Obama has learned to manage, or suppress, the psychic fallout of being the brilliant, mixed-race son of two seekers, one reliable, the other vaingloriously selfish, who endowed him with a childhood of rare, unsettling fluidity.
Dromedaries large spiritual birds walk vaingloriously through the streets of Calcutta; they disappear behind the sanitary station of FRIEDRICHSTRASSE that widens into a fire geyser twistily torching a Californian factory but soon put out by a Parisian shower under which run the sportsmen of L'INTRANSIGEANT; the winner breathes with difficulty smiles tirelessly does not know what to do with his hands drinks the champagne a protective reporter hands him, and we are in BRAZIL whose hilarious negro beggars climb the steps of a church on their knees.
Novick claimed vaingloriously that he had "saved the progressive Jewish movement in America from the lot of the progressive Jewish movements in other countries.
We have what we vaingloriously call a utility room in which our white goods slave away making our lives easier.
Rather than sharing its secrets with him as he had imagined so vaingloriously, the natural world was utterly indifferent toward him.
After all, it begins by vaingloriously claiming that it 'gives pointers for reconciling the economic dimension of sport with its popular, educational, social and cultural dimensions.
Instead, Simon vaingloriously ridiculed as preposterous the idea that a young man might take his own life over "a homosexual experience [author's emphasis].
It was an apt description of the vaingloriously named American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.
Comparable to Browning's Romantic musician Abt Vogler, who at the highest peak of his creative transport vaingloriously imagines himself erecting an exclusive "palace of music," (20) Wilde's speaker equally gives utterance to his moments of erotic ecstasy in a high-flown soliloquy, which is meant to keep the average reader and eavesdropper in bewildered awe.
The critic who vaingloriously trusts his method to account for the poem, to exhaust the poem, is trying to emulate this dexterity: he thinks that he, too, can win by throwing the lopped-off arms in the river.
Those occasionally rising above, with little help from the material, are Pressly, Olsen and, in particular, a vaingloriously Cruise-ifying Evans.