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Synonyms for vainglorious

Synonyms for vainglorious

feeling self-importance


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These poor fresh-water sailors, so vainglorious on shore, and almost amphibious when on lakes and rivers, lost all heart and stomach the moment they were at sea.
Someone has even done the country a favor by toting up the total expenses involved in your vainglorious exercise.
EPISODE one of The Apprentice is always one of my favourite parts of the series - it's when we get to meet the candidates and wonder at their ridiculous, vainglorious trash talk.
With it being obvious to everyone who lives in the real world that there are so many far more important priorities for public spending, it seems insane that the Government are still wedded to this vainglorious vanity project.
In act three, romantic tangles are sorted out and everyone celebrates with a night at the opera--an over-the-top Orfeo nell'inferi in Italian, with a vainglorious tenor hero (Aaron Sheehan, preening hilariously) and a seconda donna (Teresa Wakim, also delightful) determined to assert her credentials as prima assoluta.
But Salmond said: "The north-east of Scotland has a way of bringing people who make vainglorious boasts down to earth.
Put simply, the prideful person desires to be greater than others, whether others recognize this or not, while the vainglorious person wishes to attract others' notice and applause, whether she is better than them or not.
There is Clementine, a nurse whose teenage romance left her a single mother, along with vainglorious hockey star Keegan Thrush and the wisely poetic homeless man Rhymin' Simon.
Put him in the dock for being vainglorious, a man on a mission, unwilling to listen to anyone but the voices in his head insisting he could heal the world.
Peter Dinklage makes the proceedings funnier by voicing, the vainglorious Mighty Falcon, the idol of the islanders who is just wallows in the shadow of his heroic past.
Instead, the elections have proven that it is the Lebanese individual rather than these vainglorious parties that is the real force in the country.
The Tories, who tried to pin all the blame on immigration for their own failure to build enough homes, or to properly fund our NHS, are hoist by their own petard with only four more AMs than Ukip; but this is small consolation for Welsh Lib Dems, who have paid a high price for Nick Clegg trading all their hopes of much-needed parliamentary and voting reform for the vainglorious title of deputy PM.
Meanwhile, true to the ideals of "Champagne Socialism" as enjoyed by Ms Thornberry, senior local Labour politicians spend millions of pounds on vainglorious schemes which ordinary people neither want nor need.
Newport West MP Paul Flynn tweeted: "Oz has elected a bigoted air-head to drag them backwards into mean prejudice and vainglorious chauvinism.