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Synonyms for vain

Synonyms for vain

lacking value, use, or substance

unduly preoccupied with one's own appearance

Synonyms for vain

characteristic of false pride

unproductive of success

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We ought to remove as much of the evil from the good as we can, so that the good is not in vain.
The colposcopic evaluation was VAIN III, possible microinvasive carcinoma.
Lucky: Georgina Hopson survived attack by savage bull terriers while trying in vain to save her pet dog.
Speaking on the Late Late Show, Janet said Fran was as vain as model Sophie Anderton: "Is it normal to stick a bandana on your head and check in the mirror every two bloody minutes?
I can pretty easily tell what was going through the kiddo's mind while trying "in vain to scoot down a miniature slide" ("Toddlers' Supersize Mistakes: At times, children play with the impossible," SN: 5/15/04, p.
CARLY SIMON will finally disclose who inspired her hit song You'reSo Vain - too ne fan.
30pmYou're So Vain, is widely recognised as one of the cleverest pop songs of all time, and Simon has constantly refused to name whom she had in mind when writing it's classic line 'you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you'.
Cardinal Adrian Simonis of Utrecht, speaking on Vatican Radio April 1, the day the law went into force, said that the Dutch bishops had tried in vain to have the law overturned, a law which was a worrisome sign that Europeans were losing their sense of respect for life.
We have enough faith to know that if we can help somebody our living will not have been in vain.
He returns to Russia, finally digs vertically, escapes, and sings "of the fact that life had passed in vain, and that it could only pass in vain, and there was no point in weeping over it.
Respectively, a sensual duet becomes a noisy tantrum, as a tenderly passionate couple turn wild, careering through clusters of bamboo wind chimes and setting them a-rattle; four female archetypes on a pedestal, sexual objects of male-powered culture, dance brooding pleas in vain for independence; nine human ciphers, who could be refugees, prisoners, or laborers, huddle rebelliously inside a grid of pylons, struggling for freedom.
Univision's lineup is a combination of the most noteworthy, seasoned sportscasters and former players from the Spanish-speaking world, including Pablo Ramirez, Jesus Bracamontes, Jorge Perez-Navarro, Jose Luis Chilavert, Bruno Vain, Enrique Borja and Fernando Fiore.
The 54-year-old model - the ex-wife of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger - insisted she isn't vain but feels fortunate to have such good looks.
Melbourne, February 26 (ANI): Carly Simon has finally put an end to a 38-year-old mystery about the subject of her 1972 hit You're So Vain.
SIMON Cowell got a surprise at his 50th birthday party - when fellow telly judges sang him You're So Vain.