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muscular contraction that causes the vagina to close

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It's been seven whole years since my last real relationship, and I'm still fearful whether my vaginismus will be a constant constraint.
76%) and the rates of sexual desire disorder, dyspareunia and vaginismus were 80.
The overall model for CDDSA-Performance in women explained a significant proportion of variance in the infrequency, anorgasmia, sexual non-communication, vaginismus, non-sensuality, sexual avoidance, and partner dissatisfaction subscales of the GRISS (see Table 4).
The interval is influenced by the reason for seeking medical help, with couples wishing to start a family having the longest intervals (24,25), as shown by the first presented case, while those with ED or vaginismus present early (3,4,20), as shown by three of the presented cases.
Atallah said vaginismus is the one of the main ailments women come to her clinic for -- certainly more women seek treatment for it in Lebanon than in the West.
Ten years later, a case study was published on the successful treatment of a female patient (aged 25 years) presenting with vaginismus without physical cause.
gov, which lists more than 500 studies of botulinum toxin, the drug is under investigation for a wide variety of medical conditions, including chronic migraine (already Food and Drug Administration approved), alopecia areata, cervical dystonia, ankle osteoarthritis, posterior hip cheek enlargement, keratoconus, psoriasis, vaginismus, restless legs syndrome, tennis elbow, vulvodynia, bruxism, hyperactive esophagus, and depression.
Meg Barker in her paper, Bridget Jones'Pants and Vaginismus, raises the question: 'Perhaps the reason for the lack of consideration of gender within existentialist philosophy and therapy is the fact that existentialists do not believe in any natural differences between different groups of human beings, such as men and women' (Barker, 2011: p 204).
Female sexual dysfunction includes symptoms like sexual aversion, sexual arousal and orgasm problems, vaginismus, dyspareunia (7).
The authors suggest that difficulty exists in differentiating it from vaginismus.
It is also useful in helping eliminate vaginismus, painful vaginal spasms often associated with intercourse.
Fifthly, in some cases, the issue of painful sex is involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles, which is known as vaginismus.
When vaginal dilators are indicated for vaginismus or postradiation changes to the vagina, I show the patient the dilators and how to use them, and I have them available for purchase.
Problems of intercourse may as well become apparent, impotence in the man or failure to penetrate the vagina because of vaginismus in the woman.
Issues reported by women included decreased lubrication (65%), different grades of anorgasmia (72%), dispareunia (60%), and vaginismus (62%), whereas men reported dysfunction in the areas of erectile dysfunction (91%), delayed or lack of ejaculation (92%), and premature ejaculation (76%).