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muscular contraction that causes the vagina to close

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The overall model for CDDSA-Performance in women explained a significant proportion of variance in the infrequency, anorgasmia, sexual non-communication, vaginismus, non-sensuality, sexual avoidance, and partner dissatisfaction subscales of the GRISS (see Table 4).
Vaginismus is an involuntary contraction of the vagina's muscles, one that prevents penetration during sex.
17] (2013) Questionnaire (International Index of Erectile Function-15) Authors (year) Results Michaelides [18] (1976) 18 (53%) achieved orgasm, 8 (24%) significant sexual arousal without orgasm, 8 (24%) little or no arousal Eppel and Berzin [14] (1984) Normal ejaculation and conception in 2/3 of cases of retrograde ejaculation treated with clomipramine Krige [19] (1985) Successful psychoeducational intervention for vaginismus Van ZyI [20,21] (1987) Major psychosexual factors: lack of sex education (81% M, 56% F), pre-marital sex (71% M, 56% F) and infertility (27% M, 43% F) Hurwitz [22] (1989) Increased sexual dysfunction during the fertile period reported by 50% female v.
The most prevalent sexual problems women with histories of CSA reported were disorders of desire, arousal, orgasm, and less often dyspareunia (painful coitus) and vaginismus (Leonard & Follette, 2002; Westerlund, 1992).
He overviews the phases of the process and compares it to other techniques, and describes its uses for mental and physical problems; its theory and assumptions; applications to pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraine and tension headaches, depression and anxiety, addictions, vaginismus, and weight management; cases; how to deal with problems in communication and resistance to change; research on its efficacy; other considerations such as self-use, recurrent symptoms, and when not to use it; and the Subliminal Therapy Institute, which he established in 2009.
Psychological factors are by far the commonest cause and I think your husband's behaviour could be, at least partly, to blame for the condition that I think you have - vaginismus.
THE FIVE MOST COMMON SEXUAL PROBLEMS, ACCORDING TO JULIET GRAYSON FOR MEN Relationship difficulties Problems with erections Loss of desire for a partner Sexual addictions Premature ejaculation FOR WOMEN Relationship Loss of desire for a partner Lack of arousal Anorgasmia (inability to reach orgasm) Vaginismus (muscular spasm of the vagina)
Botulinum toxin in the treatment of refractory vaginismus.
The initial cause of the pain can be vulval discomfort, vaginismus, stress and anxiety or lack of adequate sexual stimulation.
Vaginismus, as a reaction of avoidance of an anxiety-producing situation, is readily amenable to treatment by systematic desensitization.
Our doctor says she has vaginismus, but from what I've read on the internet it seems to be a psychosexual problem caused by some sort of bad experience.
It is also useful in helping eliminate vaginismus, painful vaginal spasms often associated with intercourse.
These include (for example) gender identity disorder, the paraphilias, and vaginismus.
Female sexual problems commonly discussed in sex counseling mostly belong to the above four categories and involve low sexual desire, high sexual desire or no desire at all, dry vagina without lubrication, lack of response to sexual stimulation, no physical arousal, delayed or no ejaculation, dyspareunia and vaginismus (Lin, 2002).
For those patients who find vaginal examinations painful due to vaginismus or other conditions.