vaginal discharge

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discharge of secretions from the cervical glands of the vagina

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43) Vaginal discharge and infection may affect as many as one-third of users; (45) bleeding, pain, and constipation were also often reported.
That's just what I told a friend of mine who is a cancer survivor and suddenly had a vaginal discharge that sounded a lot like Gloria's.
If you think your vaginal discharge appears unusual, it is best to see a doctor or go to the clinic where the health official will ask about your symptoms and history before prescribing a treatment.
Aside from vaginal discharge and malodor, no adverse events were reported in either treatment or placebo groups during the course of the trial.
Another study has implicated bacterial vaginosis as the most prevalent microbiological cause of vaginal discharge (Hoyme, 1989).
National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) introduced syndromic approach to treat patients with abnormal vaginal discharge (2).
It can, and does, encourage clitoral enlargement, induce vaginal discharge, can cause infection of the uterus, make the bitch more aggressive and yes, it can improve performance.
With the specific combination of dysuria and frequency, and in the absence of vaginal discharge or itching, there is a 90% likelihood of UTI (JAMA 2002; 287:2701-10).
The most common side effects for tamoxifen are flushing and other vasomotor symptoms like sweats and hot flashes, vaginal discharge, and other vaginal symptoms such as itching or dryness.
The doctor will also want to know the patient's sexual history and will ask about any symptoms she might be experiencing, such as abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, fever, intolerance to temperature, abnormal hair growth, milk production, or dramatic weight loss or gain.
Reproducible handouts illustrate how to use condoms, examine the pelvis, collect a pap smear, perform cryotherapy, assess pain, manage vaginal discharge, and counsel patients.
The most common adverse effects reported were mild and consisted mainly of itching and increased vaginal discharge.
In women symptoms can include an unusual vaginal discharge, pain when passing urine or having sex, bleeding between periods and after sex and lower abdominal pain.
Your health care professional also will take a vaginal discharge specimen for examination under a microscope to look for "clue cells"--cells from the vaginal lining that are covered with bacteria.
A thick cheese-like vaginal discharge, which may smell like yeast.