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Lennox [12] added words of warning: 'The decision to perform and successfully carry out an operative vaginal delivery may require a much higher level of judgement and skill than that involved in CD.
Due to the high rate of the previous cesarean section, obstetricians do a careful assessment of the choice of delivery mode for these cases whose can have vaginal delivery trial after cesarean section and should be objective to inform the pros and cons of vaginal delivery trial after cesarean section.
Theoretical framework: Given the complexity of decision to do cesarean section instead of vaginal delivery, a single theory cannot fully explain women's intention in this regard.
Attempt of vaginal delivery was abandoned if there was any suspicion of scar dehiscence or foetal distress or unsatisfactory progress of labour.
PHYSICIAN'S DEFENSE The mother was extensively counseled on the risks of vaginal delivery, but the ObGyn admitted that he did not recommend a cesarean delivery.
Table-II: Reasons' for preferred cesarean or vaginal delivery.
The comparison between three and six month's postpartum scores for the vaginal delivery with mediolateral episiotomy group showed a significant increase in the desire and arousal scores at six months postpartum.
Those with incoordinate uterine contractions were monitored with intravenous oxytocin infusion and waited for spontaneous vaginal delivery.
The new study, which includes data from 10 countries, found that the average BMI of adults born by caesarean section is around half a unit more than those born by vaginal delivery.
But a new study has found a c-section for healthy twins usually has no advantages over vaginal delivery.
That will be $30,000 for a vaginal delivery and $50,000 for a caesarean, thank you very much.
Washington, August 7 ( ANI ): Vaginal delivery for early preterm foetuses presenting head first, or vertex presentation, had a high rate of success with no difference in neonatal mortality compared to caesarean delivery, a new study, led by Indian origin researcher, has revealed.