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Synonyms for vagary

Synonyms for vagary

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

Words related to vagary

an unexpected and inexplicable change in something (in a situation or a person's behavior, etc.)

References in classic literature ?
Vagary is as hard a word to turn into English as quadruped.
Another vagary of term limits, at the Los Angeles level at least, is resulting in at least a 24-hour delay for Councilman-elect Alex Padilla to take his oath of office.
Anything read into red, pink, or blue is there but also not there at all, the way a curio can mean everything to one person, structuring some emotional vagary as something solid and resolute, and be just another item ready for the trash heap to someone else.
In semantic enterprise search, the vagary of language, with each word having many meanings, requires enterprise metadata management to narrow down or understand the specific meaning and topic.