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a concise reference book providing specific information about a subject or location

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Compared to Walffid Kujalas The Flutist's Vade Mecum and Taffanel and Gaubert's 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises, The Complete Scale Compendium for Flute falls slightly short in the "completeness" suggested by the title yet provides a suitable foundation for a wide variety of scales.
The utility of a single-volume vade mecum is clear.
Cyprian Norwid, Vade mecum By Way of an Introduction (Universalities) The Artist's soul draws breath in its life's spring Just like a butterfly that's on the wing.
s adapting the Exercises to a remarkably diverse group of exercitants is an exceptionally valuable resource, a vade mecum, for those who are either making the Exercises or directing them.
written between 1731 and 1740) included are: The Apprentice's Vade Mecum, A Seasonable Examination of the Pleas and Pretensions, verses from the Gentleman's Magazine of 1736, his Preface to A Collection of Entertaining Histories and Novels, Aesop's Fables, Letters Written to and for Particular Friends, and Six Original Letters upon Duelling although the last two appeared in 1741 and 1765 respectively.
No new legislation is in view here, but rather a vade mecum of the principles that will guide the Commission if it has to examine the states' systems - for instance, in the case of any complaints.
In its brief space, Bray-brooke provides a compendious vade mecum for the dialogue participant.
Unfailingly quotable throughout, this is partly an elegy for a golden age of travel ('The Jazz Age was also the Railway Age,' Theroux accurately notes; still is, he might have added, if your taste in jazz runs to free-form improvisation) and partly a vade mecum crammed with good advice, such as that guns are more trouble than they're worth, especially 'when armed dudes find you're packing'.
may well be on its way to a "postmortem" state--a state that evidently began "around 1985"--"1985" indeed being (ironically) Lawrence's centennial, but also a time when Terry Eagleton's trendy, relatively readable (and shallow) left-wing vade mecum Literary Theory dominated literary-cultural academia and did considerable damage to Lawrence/Leavis as the mean-spirited Eagleton derided the Lawrentian-Leavisite reverence for life (Eagleton, Literary Theory, pp.
The sources consulted are given in three different places: a list of recommended works follows the vade mecum, works cited in the checklist immediately precede that section of the book, and other works consulted appear at the end of the volume.
Diferente de Bayard, Zambra no provee un manual del usuario, sino un vade mecum y poetica que se divierte con las pretensiones de sus coetaneos y sus esfuerzos por congraciarse con ciertos poderes ("De novela, ni hablar"), situandose sabiamente entre erudicion y habladuria ("La literatura de los hijos", sobre Correr el tupido velo de la hija de Donoso), para ofrecer un elogio y teoria de la lectura, y para mostrar que apasionarse no quiere decir cambiar de parecer.
Let us hope there will soon be an English translation of this wonderful vade mecum.
It is instead a philosophy of nature in the more popular sense of a creed or handbook, a vade mecum or pathway whose primary function is to advance the reader--in this case, 'humankind' in general--towards what Foss believes is its naturally evolving place as 'Earth's destiny' (300).
A Capetian bride and a vade mecum for her marriage bed', in Studying Medieval Women: Sex, Gender and Feminism, ed.