vacuum aspiration

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a method of induced abortion

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Manual vacuum aspiration was done under paracervical block/cervical infilteration with Lignocaine.
Keywords: Cardiac disease, Pregnancy, Manual vacuum aspiration, Miscarriage.
If the conceptual products were still not completely expelled the medical management was considered unsuccessful and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) or dilatation and curettage (DandC) was performed, after which subjects were discharged with advice of follow-up on 15th day.
4) All family planning methods can be initiated immediately following a first-trimester surgical abortion, including procedures done using manual or electric vacuum aspiration.
Less invasive procedures such as laparoscopic assisted transcervical vacuum aspiration and diagnostic hysteroscopy followed by vacuum aspiration can be performed in selected cases.
3) No trials compare azithromycin to doxycycline for prevention of infection after vacuum aspiration.
Rates of complication in first-trimester manual vacuum aspiration abortion done by doctors and mid-level providers in South Africa and Vietnam: a randomised controlled equivalence trial.
Ninety-eight per cent and 96% of the CHCs could not perform an assisted delivery and manual vacuum aspiration for spontaneous incomplete miscarriage, respectively.
Vacuum aspiration is the preferred method for uterine evacuation before 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Many are pushing a method called "manual vacuum aspiration," in which a large vacuum syringe with an attached tube is used to suction the child out of the uterus.
MTP in Ist trimester by vacuum aspiration at Medical College, Belgaum by Swamy, Ledani and Narayan- Journal of Obstetrics and gynaecology 51, 2001.
Sa manu-manong proseso (manual vacuum aspiration o MVA), tinatanggal ang binubuntis sa pamamagitan ng ispesyal na heringgilya (syringe).
Cervical preparation with 400 mcg of misoprostol significantly reduced complications in women undergoing first-trimester abortion by vacuum aspiration, based on data from a randomized, parallel group trial of nearly 5,000 women.
Research has identified manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and misoprostol administration as safe and effective emergency postabortion services that can be provided within existing health system budgets.