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Synonyms for vacuousness

total lack of ideas, meaning, or substance

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indicative of or marked by mental vacuity and an absence of ideas

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It is the rigidity and vacuousness of the form of theory that goes by the name Theory that needs to be rejected.
In Amy Heckerling's adaptation of Austen, despite the modernized setting, populated by fashionable teenagers occupied in endless cellphone conversations and effortless digital clothes consultations, rather than in paying polite visits to country houses and heeding sisterly advice on appropriate attire, the affinity implied between the superficial concerns appropriated by womanhood in Austen's time and the vacuousness of feminine preoccupations in our time is quite uncanny.
This included, Hunter is shrewd to note, an assessment of the bureaucracy's commitment to instrumentally rational action as itself constituting a distinctive ethos of office requiring particular ethical capacities rather than figuring as a sphere of moral vacuousness and critical emptiness.
811-16, and invites us to reconsider the vacuousness of the tale supposed by holders of the fallible-narrator theory.
There is nothing here of the vacuousness and potential for violence of a Rousseau or a Sartre.
Vacuousness is not an issue for Secret Machines, who are all about creating trippy, groove-laden spaces and fleshing them out.
One of the most important ironies in the story is that Ware himself takes his vacuousness as a badge of manly maturity and improvement.
Domestic politics is characterized by its vacuousness.
68) According to Alan How, the French Revolution involved a similar process: "Thus it was not so much critical responses to poverty and injustice that brought the Ancien Regime down, worse had been suffered before without revolution, rather it was the moral vacuousness of the regime, i.
They present, instead, a compelling picture of a complex negotiation between history, ideology, and identity that frequently reflects the vacuousness of self characteristic of commodified contemporary Japan.
However, this opening salvo appears to contradict the interpretive thrust of the rest of the article which I found myself in agreement with, and which indeed is one I would recommend as a corrective to the vacuousness of much current public debate.
on behalf of the National Audubon Society stressed the vacuousness of
As for the violence of the imagery, the unsettling vividness of the battered corpses, this underscores the moral vacuousness of paramilitary terror, as the libretto refuses the phony appearances offered by Las Vegas, its slot machines and casinos, bringing to the rarefied atmosphere of the operatic stage an unexpected scale of imagery that one might more readily expect in The Godfather or, indeed, The Crying Game.
The most recent attempts by Dickie to defend himself (and, implicitly, Danto) from some of the criticisms I shall point out below, such as circularity and vacuousness on the one hand and inherent crypto-evaluation on the other (see The British Journal of Aesthetics 38:2 [1998], 39:3 [1999] and 40:2 [2000], respectively), I do not find convincing simply because they lead along different routes to the same impasses.