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  • adj

Synonyms for vacuous

Synonyms for vacuous

containing nothing

lacking intelligent thought or content

Synonyms for vacuous

devoid of intelligence

devoid of significance or point

devoid of matter

Related Words

void of expression

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Gumbleton best captures the vacuous ineptitude of these groups that seek to enable same-sex genital sexual behavior when he said, "I just don't understand why we in the church would turn them away or create such an atmosphere that they would feel totally unwelcomed.
While radio and TV outlets continue to chant vacuous mantras about "choice," the only people showing concern are toy manufacturers, those faced with implementing school closures, and those involved with the future of pension plans which face declining contributions and accelerating expenditures.
I can expect the usual vacuous talking heads on the airwaves to let a shill get away with saying, "Oh, that is not true," or, "That problem is being fixed," but not The Progressive.
Despondent after discovering that Fabio, with whom she has long shared intellectual intercourse, is now infatuated with the beautiful and vacuous Clorina, Urania abandons Salerno to traverse the country, dressing as a man (for safety's sake) and taking the name of her beloved.
The North London clothes horse is being increasingly more vacuous with every passing day - if that's humanly possible.
Republican candidate Mitt Romney's successful campaign set a new record for vacuous beefcake commercials.
To answer this question they trace a fascinating path through architectural history, concentrating on the progression from symbolic load-bearing massive edifices to the conceptual and physical separation of skin and structure in modern architecture, The tension between the latter has in recent years been focused on the building's surface, which has become a canvas for stylistic extremes, generating vacuous and anonymous city office blocks and redundant historical pastiche.
Nothing is ever proven, and the real questions about dilapidated buildings, malnourished children, or insufficient funding are swept aside in a wave of positive but rather vacuous emotion.
Listen as Darman recalls his reaction to the "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" slogan featured in Reagan's empty re-election campaign: "I had to restrain myself," Darma says, "from observing that this vacuous cry had an ironic double meaning.
without an historicized interpretative model, the black domestic novels seem maudlin, inconsequential, even vacuous.
In short, the righteous man is insulted by such a charade and denounces the essential dishonesty of which such a vacuous public exhibition smacks.
Computers can help, but not if the software is vacuous or too restrictive.
smethering aroma it had me by the throat or the loins) it was vacuous, prominent.
Meaningless, cultureless, vacuous, aggressive, tasteless.