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Synonyms for vacillating

Synonyms for vacillating

uncertain in purpose or action

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The sheriff heard these opinions with great indignation; and when he completed the last arrangement for the division, by carrying with his own hands a trout of a large size, and placing it on four different piles in succession, as his vacillating ideas of justice required, gave vent to his spleen.
how clear it was that she would be vacillating, emotional, and when you said something to her it would make no more lasting impression than the stroke of a stick upon water.
The more faithfully an assembly represents the opinions held by the crowd, the less it will know about government, the less lofty its ideas will be, and the more vague and vacillating its policy, for the crowd is and always will be simply a crowd, and this especially with us in France.
They had stopped under the vacillating light of a gas jet and appeared to be both bending over a paper held by Mademoiselle Stangerson, reading something which deeply interested them.
The youth and his female companion had made several hurried, and vacillating conjectures concerning their nature, when a current of the night air brought the rush of trampling footsteps, too sensibly, to their ears, to render mistake any longer possible.
I have none of her restraint and vacillating between 'f*** hell', 'go on Laura' and gut-felt 'ohms'.
Biinay, in a chance interview following his speech Monday at the National Unity Party's national convention at Sofitel Hotel, cited in particular the vacillating voter preference figures of independent pollsters Pulse Asia Research, Inc.
However great our limitations and dismay, we are not allowed to be sluggish and vacillating when faced with difficulty and our own weakness .
After months of vacillating Pakistan finally launched a military offensive Zarb-e-Azb against the Taliban in North Waziristan to destroy the militants' sanctuaries in the region.
President Obama's foreign policy has recently faced at home and abroad criticisms calling the policy as weak, rudderless and vacillating.
Although his politics at times appeared to be vacillating or ambivalent, he remained a man of principle who wished to make the world a better place.
The West is about to ease Iran sanctions, Russia wants Iran involved in Syria talks The Saudis and Egypt are turning to Russia for assistance and Israel is looking there and further east, to China and India, to replace their vacillating erstwhile ally, America.
So far, the government seems to be vacillating between holding talks with the Taliban and starting military operations.
He is a great big vacillating jelly of indecision" - London Mayor Boris Johnson, calling on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to come clean on figures for EU immigration.
He is a great big vacillating jelly of indecision" London Mayor Boris Johnson, calling on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to come clean on figures for EU immigration "The Philippines must be half-empty.