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Synonyms for VI

the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

more than 130 southeastern Virgin Islands

denoting a quantity consisting of six items or units

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Customers with high volumes of data will benefit from our OEM partnership with V.
DeMarines brings extensive security product management and marketing experience to V.
To learn more about how software vendors are using CodeArmor Intelligence, please download "Information Is Power: Combating Software License Misuse and Overuse with Intelligence" a white paper by IDC's Amy Konary sponsored by V.
Amy Konary, Research Vice President, Software Licensing, Provisioning, and Delivery at IDC, has recently completed a white paper, sponsored by V.
Learn more about the enforcement factor and your company's revenue opportunity by using V.
Fueled by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) leaning heavily on software intelligence data for revenue recovery across compliance, sales and marketing teams, V.
To accelerate the identification of companies using unlicensed software, software intelligence solutions provider V.
Demand for pirated versions of applications running on Mac OS has increased dramatically with the popularity of the platform and the utility of the applications running on it," said Victor DeMarines, vice president of products, V.