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foolish fondness for or excessive submissiveness to one's wife

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32) For a discussion of Erec's uxoriousness, particularly in relation to Chretien's source text, the Aeneid, see Marilynn Desmond, Reading Dido; Gender, Textuality, and the Medieval Aeneid (Minneapolis, 1994), 99-128.
Uxoriousness may be a luxurious disease from which we suffer in delight.
37) Hirst sees The Kings Cabinet Opened as an important challenge to assumptions that privacy and affectivity were pioneered by the middling classes (and separate from affairs of state): he stresses the language of sex, seduction, and uxoriousness.
Deng's own accounts of Dinka cosmology and of his father's uxoriousness, although clearly an extreme case, suggest a large gulf between central aspects of Dinka tradition and the norms and standards embodied in such instruments as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).
While sexual liaisons with many partners may appear to have been his poetic persona's favorite game, Ovid admits, not surprisingly, only to honorable uxoriousness in "real life.
Militarism, dominance, and arrogance, all badges of the aristocracy, were challenged by fashionable middle-class cults of civility, uxoriousness, and sensibility.
Throughout the novel, his sentimental education is supervised by a hands-on faculty of tomboys, crushes, mistresses, one-night stands and, of course, his two wives: first, insulated, always unattainable Phyllis, that "beautiful math major"; then, "small, dense-bodied" Julia, whom he wins away from the local Episcopalian minister, a woman who finally teaches him uxoriousness and the pleasures of keeping it in his pants, whom he grows old with and will be buried beside.
Similarly, Pruitt's focus on the passage where Raphael rebukes Adam's uxoriousness leads her to neglect the reciprocal character of relations between Raphael and Eve early in the angelic visit.
This is dynamite, as biographers have always supposed the virtuous Ash to have been devoted to his wife, and have attributed the riper passages in his verse to a sort of transcendent uxoriousness.
Ironically for such a model of uxoriousness, while La Trobe was absent on his travels in 1848, she suffered a fall while out in the jaunting car and the family dated her subsequent gradual decline which ended in her death in 1854 from that accident.
Gore sincerely loves his wife that a self-congratulatory display of his uxoriousness is so deplorable.
A leftist hero in the tradition of Williams's earlier Canary Jim (Nightingales) or Dick Miles (Spring Storm), Murphy fights conformity and leads a revolt against anything that would enshackle the human spirit: bureaucratic paperwork, bovine art, uxoriousness (his wife Alma leaves him).
Moreover, the very faithfulness, indeed the uxoriousness, of Louis XVI, which made him a cuckold and dolt in the public mind, placed Marie Antoinette in an even more vulnerable position.
In conversation with Raphael, Adam confesses his uxoriousness, and thus the reader is prepared for Adam to disobey God's commandment motivated by a desire to share Eve's fate.
And qualification number four is loving his wife--unlike, he forbore to add, certain nameless persons about whom there may be some doubt on the score of their seemly uxoriousness.