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a husband who murders his wife

the murder of a wife by her husband

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In the symbolism we have been using, the proof of battering by the partner is E; uxoricide is [H.
Thus, with its representation of uxoricide, what the catastrophe of the tragedy displays is an "autoimmune crisis.
Male sexual jealousy is a frequently cited cause of uxoricide (wife-killing) and intimate femicide across cultures (Daly & Wilson, 1988; Serran & Firestone, 2004).
If Rojack is a hero or a villain, a warrior for God or the Devil, it has nothing to do with how we feel about uxoricide or, in the case of Ruta, anal rape.
Even a tyrant of the bloodiest sort can expect his appreciation of chamber music to be noted, though it might not be given quite the same the prominence as his massacres of the clergy and acts of uxoricide.
It is, accordingly, impossible to determine whether she considers Jackson guilty or not of sexual acts with the boys he brought to his Disneyesque Xanadu, called, with appropriate Peter Pan-ishness, "Neverland" The Southern California law courts, to be sure, acquitted Jackson, but where being a black celebrity gets you away with uxoricide and double murder, who would convict a mere stellar pedophile?
77) The rate of uxoricide in Chicago peaked between 1900 and 1905, and then it dropped, falling by twenty-nine percent between 1905 and 1920.
Villaverde returns to Venice competition after Two Brothers, My Sister in 1994 with a drama about conjugal separation, incest and uxoricide that reflects on the violent nature of relationships between men and women.
The revelation that impels Farrell to uxoricide is unconvincingly plotted and will anyhow come as no surprise to the alert reader.
In "Desdemona's Disposition," Lena Cowen Orlin carefully examines the changes in place (from Sagittary to Cyprus and into an increasingly "domestic" space) that may encourage an audience well-versed in patriarchal theories to collude in the mistaken assumptions which lead to uxoricide.
Vineet, the 15-year-old son who attempted to help his mother, and his younger brother, Sanchit, 7, will suffer from "immediate and devastating" effects from the uxoricide their father committed against their mother, (https://www.
Between 1890 and 1910, Chicago's uxoricide rate surged, and local jurors, all of whom were men, proved unforgiving toward wife killers and convicted 80 percent of the husbands who were arrested.
L'Apres-vivre (hereafter AV) details the accusations of writerly uxoricide Le Livre brise brought Doubrovsky's way, specifically from Bernard Pivot.
Now, uxoricide is a greater evil than indissolubility is a good because it includes not only the serious evil suffered by the woman killed but also the grave evil of the guilty killer.
According to Yves Ternon, author of an important study on genocide in the twentieth century, the linguistic novelty of the term consists rather in the fact that until then compounds constructed with the suffix -cide had always implied the killing of individuals (homicide, uxoricide, and so on), while 'genocide' paved the way for new lexical forms designating collective killings.