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Synonyms for uxorial

befitting or characteristic of a wife

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While it seems self-evident that a young bride named Faustina might be given a cameo and a coin depicting her namesake, in Lotto's matrimonial portrait they also serve as a pointed reminder of the need for harmonious concord when fulfilling uxorial duties.
While Adrian's servitude merely shifts directions, her connection with Rocky steers her towards procreative, uxorial behavior rather than the sterile, abstinent caretaking of her brother that had prolonged her adolescence until her thirties.
To be sure, the women's auxiliaries articulated an uxorial identity for their members and stressed the importance of well-managed homes with competent wives at the helm, elements that could be taken as "bourgeois.
Hence, in contrast to the Cartesian cogito, which is aware first and foremost that it thinks (I think therefore I am), Hamlet emphasizes awareness of how he thinks, as when (a) halting his rememoration of his mother's uxorial devotion prior to his father's death ("Let me not think on't" [1.
For a full rehearsal of Sterne's uxorial trials, see Cash, Early Years 83-86, 133-36; Later Years 152-75, 182-83.
Perhaps most popularly known as the only wife who managed to survive the uxorial Henry VIII, Parr has most often been depicted as the pious widow who was chosen to nurse the king through his final years.
In a climate where even mentioning the uxorial advantage comes off as piggish, demanding strictures on wives' abilities to influence-peddle will surely harrow a few politically correct politicians.
Older uxorial and matronly women have personality and the capacity for agency, but their purposes are likely to be evil, particularly when they are angry, which they often are.