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a small pendant fleshy lobe at the back of the soft palate

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La gran dispersion de las vocales no bajas se ve favorecida por una regla fonologica del quechua segun la cual las vocales se producen [-alto] cuando estan en el contexto de una consonante uvular o postvelar, que tambien es [-alto].
Thus, trills and taps are similar in regard to closure duration; apical and uvular trills are similar in relation to the fast and consecutive pattern of the trills, apical taps; and approximants present similarities in relation to the articulatory scale of closure and possibly in relation to the position of the third format; while uvular and fricative trills present a similar pattern of formants.
The use of the uvular fricative (in the last example), finally, seems to be an exception, both in the context of this interview and across the interviews.
En las lenguas cushiticas del sur como el somali aparece de forma explicita el significado 'conocimiento' con la forma qaan que es una evolucion de la raiz sudcushitica kahin (con la oclusiva uvular sorda en vez de oclusiva velar sorda de la protoraiz afroasiatica).
The entire assemblage anchored, In order, ABCDEFGHIJ&K, Quetzalcoatl, plumage, arrhythmic Entourages, LNOMTS, Uvular, vexed, wistful, The utter affair, all XYZ of it, Embracive, columnacious, Edictal, totally tiresome, (The word 'bird' spoken Slowly time and again and again, The Promethean letters J, O, E, L Notwithstanding) deceptive, Misleading, mythologized, ergo XIV imposes this mandatory stop.
3) The differences between the Yakima practical alphabet and the Americanist alphabet are: (1) The Yakima practical alphabet uses an underscored (k) (k) for uvular stop q, and an underscored x (x) for uvular fricative x; (2) digraphs used in the Yakima alphabet are: sh--s, ch--c, tl--[lambda], [k.
With respect to his Spanish, Luis aspirates and deletes many instances of /s/, he variably employs a uvular trill [R] for the alveolar trill /r/, and he substitutes [1] for the tap or flap /r/ on a few occasions.
He also had rightward uvular deviation, absent gag reflex, weakness of the left sternocleidomastoid and trapezius, House Brackman grade 2 left facial nerve weakness and an immobile left vocal cord.
h] Fricativa f v Africada Nasal m Lateral aproximante Vibrante multiple Vibrante simple Alveolar Alveo-palatal Oclusiva t d Oclusiva aspirada Fricativa s z f Z Africada [EXPRESION MATEMATICA IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] Nasal n Lateral aproximante l Vibrante multiple Vibrante simple r Palatal Velar Uvular Oclusiva k g Oclusiva aspirada [k.
The subtle distinction between the velar 'k' sound and the uvular 'q' sound in Inuktitut is often difficult for learners of the language to distinguish and pronounce.
Another possible mechanism involves uvular injury due to aggressive oropharyngeal suctioning (3).
The flowers consist of two uvular and tubular florets which can be seen at the end of the stem.
After a performance in Hebrew of My Fair Lady, in which Eliza is taught to pronounce the r-sound as an apical flap or trill (as in Italian) as opposed to a uvular fricative (as in most varieties of German or Modern Hebrew), Blanc's daughter asked him why Eliza was being taught a low-class pronunciation.