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Synonyms for utterance

Synonyms for utterance

the act or an instance of expressing in words

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

something said

Synonyms for utterance

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Mutua said the actions and utterances in the song were "despicable, contrary to law and order and not the hallmarks of a civilised society".
Botswana has accepted US citizens within her borders over the years and continues to host US guests and senior government officials, including a Congressional delegation that will come to Botswana at the end of this month; that is why we view the utterances by the current American President as highly irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.
Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Thursday after the state executive council meeting, the commissioner for Information and Communication, Mahmud Ajeigbe and the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Communication, Muyideen Akorede, said that the electioneering should be devoid of utterances that could disrupt peace in the state.
Such public utterances also tend to violate the sub judice rule,' she said in her motion filed through her lawyer Teddy Rigoroso.
Likewise, understanding how the interlocutors to whom utterances are directed influence the written productions of children will contribute to our investigation.
Speech corpus size was 380 utterances for each of the four driving conditions.
This intention that leads to re-accentuation in the novel parallels speakers' everyday language, their common uses of words, sentences; we go down into words--we struggle with the influence they bear from others' uses of them, which Bakhtin (1981) calls 'heteroglossia'--and we crack their shells, cause them to become utterances.
Reformulation is a theoretical approach which attempts to clarify how children transform utterances they were exposed to in their language input into utterances they produce themselves.
LAHORE -- An application has been filed in the Lahore High Court seeking directions to restrain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan from utterances or actions threatening to overthrow the government.
KARACHI -- Sindh Senior Minister for Information and Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has said that threats by Zulfiqar Mirza that he will kill 100 people are very serious and need to be taken notice of at the highest level of law enforcing agencies and judiciary also should take suo moto notice of the utterances and threats of zulfiqar Mirza and put his threats on record.
I believe this analysis offers useful insight for thinking differently about curriculum de sign and facilitation preparation in order to address the deeper meaning students have which lie underneath these utterances.
Moreover, the tuning to distinguish the voices of two humans, or just to keep the caller's utterances on track (like when a caller says to the IVR, "Tomorrow," immediately after saying to the child/pet, "I said stop it
We included them because we wanted to evaluate differences between potentially stronger reinforcing utterances (like 'excellent
The results show that once again the model based on C-I is significantly better, but the benefits are more remarkable when the utterances are long.
For politicians, mental health fitness has higher importance because upon their deeds, utterances, actions, Nation's fate and future depends says Lt.