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Synonyms for utterance

Synonyms for utterance

the act or an instance of expressing in words

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

something said

Synonyms for utterance

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Thus, any utterance is always a process in which subjects position themselves in relation to each other's points of view, taking into account the position or possible answers of interlocutors.
Internal investigations had previously revealed that the positioning of the utterance within the noise can have a great impact on whether the utterance is recognized.
Turning to Bakhtin, I establish the theoretical foundation for this pedagogy by arguing that his utterance and grotesque body are germane, linked phenomena.
Language input cannot, however, tell the whole story: the fact that children can produce utterances that do not merely imitate expressions they have heard before suggests that other factors contribute to the acquisition of language structures, such as the ability to reformulate one utterance into another.
For example, if a politician says, "Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the United States as evidenced by our neighborhoods" the utterance of diversity most likely refers to numerous ethnic communities across the city.
The system's adaptive-understanding technology works by taking any utterance the ASR engine fails to understand and sending it to an actual person, along with a screen pop of most likely matches.
As for the fourth pattern, it is defined by the therapist stopping in the middle of the emission of an out-of-session instruction utterance to check, through a question (conversational discriminative category), whether the client accepts or understands his/her instructions.
In the case of categorization, a vector of the user's utterance will be projected, plus one vector for each of the exemplar texts that represent the destinations, in such a way that if they are similar it will be inferred that what the user wants must be routed to this destination.
When the utterance was not comprehensible, brackets were placed around it in the transcription.
The frames are put back together and characterized either as an utterance - a single "wah" - or silence, the pause between utterances.
utterance length and lexical redundancy) are particularly useful for preverbal infants' initial word segmentation of the speech stream.
Suppose that, unbeknownst to me, I were transported to Twin Earth and uttered (to myself or to others) a token of "Cats fear water"; then, granted content externalism, my utterance would not express the proposition "cats fear water," but rather the proposition "cats fear twatter," though there is no way I could know that this is so simply by introspection; or so Bruckner, the book's skeptic, maintains.
The cooperative principle enables the speaker and the listener to convey and interpret the implications of an apparently metaphorical utterance (Grice, 1975).
Arguments for anti-individualism show that in ordinary situations when skepticism is not in question there is no distance between a speaker's sincere utterance of a sentence that expresses a particular content and the speaker's thereby expressing a mental state of his with that content.
According to the defenders of semanticism (for instance, Cappelen and Lepore 2004, C&L from here), to determine the meaning of a particular utterance we only need to determine 'what is said' by the sentence uttered; in other words, what the sentence literally says.