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First and most important, iSCSI utilizes the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for transporting iSCSI packets between network connections and utilizes SCSI as the storage protocol.
Utilize learning logs, response cards, portfolios, and/or journals;
The ValuSmart Tape 80 is read-compatible with the DLTl, DLT4000, and utilizes DLTtape IV media.
KERI is developing SMES systems that utilize coils of HTS wire that can store and then release megawatts of power instantly to stabilize voltage in power grids.
a software company enabling open payments services between businesses, announced today that Chase Paymentech Solutions, the world's largest financial transaction processor, has signed a license agreement to utilize IP Payments Framework[TM] (IPPF), a service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based infrastructure for the payments industry.
SEMLogic allows Fortune Interactive professionals to utilize quantifiable data in the creation of advanced search engine optimization strategies.
Polyhedra FlashLite's high performance, compact size, and ability to utilize flash memory makes it ideal for stand-alone, low-power devices such as feature phones, and disk-less systems such as home gateways and set-top boxes.
Additionally, the service validates interconnect agreements that operators utilize to establish interworking for services such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) and multi media messaging (MMS).
com), now utilize Interchange's local-search platform to power their online local business directories.
Key hands-free features like voice commands and voice recognition were greatly enhanced, making it easier and safer to utilize navigation, audio and attachment functions.
Data will be sourced from a PCI-X device, displaying CoSine's seamless bus-bridging capabilities to RapidIO, and utilize QDR memory to perform the real time transforms before CoSine DMAs the data over the Serial RapidIO fabric to a Mercury Computers' endpoint.
Utilizes CAD/CAM (Pro-Engineer) to help meet quick deliveries.
Manufacturing utilizes barcoding and on-line computer systems.
This new approach utilizes industry standard protocols such as CIFS and NFS, as well as other network services such as Microsoft Active Directory and NIS.
Utilizes CAD/CAM, CNC machining for high tolerances, and EDM machining for quality, interchangeability and tight tolerances.