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Sous la pression d'un planning trop charge, les chauffeurs des "taxis blancs'' et leurs clients ont adopte un langage gestuel qui leur permet d'echanger des messages, une pratique utile pour gerer le temps en evitant le gaspillage de plusieurs minutes en discussion.
It is the delightful aesthetic tension generated in this push-and-pull that is so fecund and gives depth to Cardinalli's work, and it is still evident and at work in pieces in which the flow is reversed and the imperative of the sculptural is subsumed to the utile.
To beat your competition, you can't just be a Utile better than they are.
Using models in pottery to illustrate architectural features of the now-vanished buildings they represented, he covers fortified courtyard houses, multi-stories and multi-eaved buildings, towers, granaries and storehouses, stoves and wells, pigsties and privies, roof types and ornaments, production methods and techniques, and whether gate-shaped tomb bricks were utile or representative.
D'ailleurs, les cas mettent trop souvent l'accent sur les resultats des evaluations alors que sur le plan pedagogique, il aurait ete plus utile de decrire davantage la demarche d'evaluation, les difficultes rencontrees et les decisions prises pour y faire face.
Most important of all, he admits, as all genuine scholars do, that 'I am struck by how Utile we know .
Perhaps then we need to adapt the definition to our particular case: the utile academic would seem to be someone whose faculties--the sensory-motor system, grey matter, desires, blood-flow, body heat, snacks, and memory--are all co-ordinated to participate wholly and to the highest standards of efficiency in the effort of doing academic work .
To see a procedure or equipment efficiency, it is compared the utile and consumed powers, or energy for a determined period of time (Grigoriu, et al.
NONAGRAM: clout' clue' count' cult' cute' cutie' cutin' ELOCUTION' elution' etui' lieu' linocut' locution' lout' lucent' lucite' luetic' lune' lute' noctule' ounce' outline' tolu' tune' tunic' uncool' uncle' uncoil' unit' unite' unlit' untie' until' unto' utile.
Fabienne Biasotto, chercheure, rappelle que le procede sera tres utile pour l'industrie de la fermentation, par exemple, pour filtrer les substances produites par les micro-organismes.
Le manuel s'avere utile aux organisations et individus qui approchent le Commonwealth pour la premiere fois dans le cadre du plaidoyer.
utile fueron descritas de acuerdo a lo estipulado por IAWA Committe (1989).
Mediaset's main competitor; pubcaster RAI, recently launched two terrestrial digital channels: the culture-themed RAI Doc and the regionalized public service station RAI Utile.
It provides easy access to all the 250-acre camp has to offer, including more than a utile of waterfront access and a network of accessible nature trails.
Il procedimento sistematico, molto utile per la lettura (anche selettiva) del volume, cerca tuttavia di cogliere la molteplicita di Pasolini, collegando e mettendo in rilievo alcuni degli aspetti cruciali dell'opera.