uterine vein

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one of two veins on each side that arise from the uterine plexus and empty into the internal iliac vein

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE: Spontaneous rupture of uterine vein is very rare: the incidence is only 1 in 10000 births.
Expression of interferon (IFN)-stimulated genes in extrauterine tissues during early pregnancy in sheep is the consequence of endocrine IFN-T release from the uterine vein.
Ovarian vein, uterine vein, and utero-ovarian arcade venous engorgement greater than 5 mm in diameter.
He told the inquest that foetal hair and skin cells from the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby had entered the mother's blood system through the uterine vein and had been discovered in her lungs.
Uterine vein infusion of interferon tau (IFNT) extends luteal life span in ewes.
Occluding the utero-ovarian ligaments with bulldog clamps to control collateral blood flow from the ovarian artery has been described, but the clamps can tear these often enlarged and fragile uterine veins during manipulation of the uterus.