uterine cervix

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necklike opening to the uterus

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Desmoplastic stromal response as defined by positive a-smooth muscle actin staining is predictive of invasion in adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix.
According to a summary out of 22 cases of reported uterine angiomyolipomatous lesions (10), only 4 cases arose in the uterine cervix.
Among women in worldwide, carcinoma uterine cervix is one of the leading causes of cancer death accounts 2%.
The pathogenesis of cervical ectopic pregnancy is still debated, but it has been postulated to be due to abnormal embryonic implantation to the mostly fibrous tissue of the uterine cervix.
The altered expression and relationship between the sex-steroid receptors status estrogen receptors (ER), progesteron receptors (PR), p53 and Ki-67, which potentially correlated with the malignant transformation, was determined by IHC assessment of these markers in tissue samples of uterine cervix.
Definitive radiotherapy for uterine cervix cancer: Long term results for patients treated in the period from 1998 till 2002 at the Institute of oncology Ljubljana.
A diagnosis can be made during gynecologic examination or methylene blue dye test by observing drainage of urine through the uterine cervix by speculum.
This institute is aimed to plan, conduct and coordinate research on cancers which are more specific to India; like tobacco related cancers, cancer of the uterine cervix, gall bladder cancer and liver cancers.
banners (rrollers) alluding to the pap campaign carcer program uterine cervix - pvc 200 x 80 cm, full color design file is attached
One of the major tests for its early detection is cytology, being indispensable for assessing the clinical condition of the normal and pathological uterine cervix.
After discussion of cytology and surgical pathology of the uterine cervix, including the diagnostic use of biomarkers in cervical pathology and guidelines for staging and reporting cervical neoplasia, chapters are organized around major pathologic entities in the uterus and cervix and cover the non-neoplastic endometrium and tumors of the uterine corpus, with discussion of problematic differential diagnoses such as complex atypical hyperplasia vs.
Staging of carcinoma of the uterine cervix and endometrium.
This theory has been studied in cervical tissues to explain the expression of ER and HPV DNA in reproductive tissue of uterine cervix (9).
We excluded women with uterine cervix or breast pathology at the moment of the study.