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He's usually incredibly sociable but in a fairly low-key way.
A few months of daily use of a theraband, under the guidance of a physical therapist, will usually strengthen the peroneals.
If you lose the stays (which usually happens during laundering), Kirby advises replacing them with brass collar slays, which should be removed before laundering.
Most hot-runner electrical boxes sit on top of the mold directly over the manifold and are usually bolted directly to the top of the plates with a pocket cut out to route the wires to the box connectors.
Immunohistochemistry for S-100 protein will decorate the neoplastic cells, although usually unnecessary for diagnosis.
23-26 Gallup Panel poll asked survey respondents if they usually, sometimes, or never do seven different activities to celebrate Halloween.
Usually around Birmingham and the Bullring, or Solihull.
Victims who drown in lakes will sink to the bottom in the area below the point of submergence; authorities usually will locate the body within a radius equal to the depth of the water.
The slots (H and Y) usually "flex" slightly from the linemen to spread out the defense.
Although hydrogenases might seem like promising components for fuel cells, they are typically plagued by a fatal flaw: Oxygen usually disables the molecules, rendering them useless for most fuel cells, which have to work in ordinary air.
Deed in Lieu usually refers to a deed given by a mortgagor to a mortgagee when the mortgage is in default under the terms of that mortgage.
I found that when a family has two or more children, one is usually a boy.
Stolowski says stationary plants are usually found at sites that are planning on very long-term operation--years, instead of months or days.
Does you cat eat or requests food on a regular scheduleaNever (1 point) b Seldom (2 points) c Often (3 points) d Usually (4 points) e Always (5 points) Does your cat show displeasure with the food it is given?
The "inpatient" portion of Phase I trials usually lasts from a day or two to a week (though follow up can last up to about a month), and are designed to assess the safety of a compound and study its pharmacokinetics (Pk--what the body does to the drug) and pharmacodynamics (Pd--what the drug does to the body).