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When there was a big act at the ABC/Ritz the management came down to Boots for extra staff to be usherettes.
These usherettes worked at the prestatyn palladium cimema in the 1940s
When we show two there is an interval and the usherette comes in with popcorn.
And they loved the dressing rooms - they were so large," former usherette, Maureen Philipson (nee O'Brien), recalled back in 2002.
My mother was an usherette in the Plaza in the 1930s, then we moved to Birchgrove.
So that was what usherettes were there for, not to play regimental sergeant majors.
The usherettes even had to turn around to show they had straight stocking seams.
And a small pop up cinema appeared in the empty unit next to Rapid Hardware, complete with its own plush velvet curtains and primly dressed usherettes.
When Alvaro Arbeloa hoofed an optimistic clearance down the middle, Gallas and Johan Djourou escorted Robbie Keane through a yawning gap like a pair of cinema usherettes to snatch Liverpool's equaliser.
with old-fashioned usherettes, ice cream, adverts, the lot.
To combat the drop in sales, Coke suggests setting up more points of sale, which means the usherettes of the past may be poised for a comeback.
She highlighted Asda's creative use of its car parks in the past: "We turned them into drive-in cinemas, complete with rollerskating usherettes serving popcorn.
It's the kind of shameless tear-jerker that stops just short of having the usherettes chop onions in the seat beside you.
It was one of the first theatres to include a high quality restaurant and snack bar; to run conferences (over 200 between 1961 and 1966); to run a programme for schools; to lay on simultaneous translation for foreigners; to have showers in the actors' dressing rooms and provide changing rooms for the stage crew and usherettes.