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a female usher

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Mrs Dawson, of Fawdon, Newcastle, was one of the first usherettes to work in the Odeon cinema, in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, which is set to be demolished.
I can remember the manager presented all the usherettes with a box of chocolates to honour the occasion.
A group of usherettes who worked at Cardiff's grand old Capitol Cinema in the 1960s rolled back the years when they were reunited with their old boss.
All four received awards for 20 years' service, along with property maker Ian Cole and usherette Philippa Williams, who were not present on the day.
You can be sure if you or I had tried the same trick, we would have been led away by an usherette.
I WENT to the cinema so often as a teenager that my first steady girlfriend was the cinema usherette.
In the hall where his mum worked as an usherette, Elvis Costello returned to his roots to perform some of his favourite songs.
She then became an usherette at the Queen's Theatre, before moving on to the box office.
The big film came on last and the box office would then be closed, so me and my friend, if we had no spending money, would climb the stairs to the balcony and sit down, hoping the usherette hadn't noticed.
Harry the Commissionaire and Frances the Usherette will reminisce about their wartime experiences as they keep the queues in line and show young film-goers to their seats for the matinee Entertaining the Nation (U).
Maureen, 76, said: "I was an usherette at Norton picture house.
An usherette discovered the remains after the show by the medium last week.
She began work at a munitions factory during the First World War and became an usherette at the Queen's Theatre, before moving to the box office.
Trevor met Mary Bridges, who was an usherette at the County Cinema in Rumney.
It was dark and I started to crawl on all fours back up the steps when the usherette shone her torch on me and said in a loud voice, `Have you fallen?