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Synonyms for user

one who consumes goods and services

Synonyms for user

a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically


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User productivity is improved because file system changes do not interrupt user access nor require desktop reconfiguration
Second, user training is considered by faculty members to be a high-priority need.
For example, to find information on agencies that have policies on the use of oleoresin capsicum (OC or pepper spray), a user would search the file libraries for the occurrence of such words as "OC," "oleoresin," and "pepper.
In other news, MySpace today announced a new set of safety features to increase online safety and privacy for its community, including email verification and an "over/ under" privacy tool for all users.
Imaging and mirroring force the user out of Windows and into more complex operating systems.
Negative nonverbal indicators included: lack of immediate acknowledgment of user, no change in body stance as user approaches, covering the eye with the hand, reading, tapping finger, twitching mouth, and pacing.
Other organizations attempt to remove as much records management decision-making as possible from the end user.
Because most mobile users aren't attached to the network all of the time, the responsibility often falls on each remote user to perform backups on his or her own, as the survey suggested.
Similarly, each user can set their own filter settings (a quick and easy way to find a subset of data that an individual person or department may want to work with), and this setting also will not affect what any other user will see.
With these three fields, researchers were able to locate a user's initial query and recreate the chronological series of actions by each user in a session:
However, some of the questions that make Mike feel uncomfortable may help the user determine Mike's deceptiveness and provide important investigative information.
PC's, in contrast, each have a separate processor intended for one user that is performing CPU-intensive "thinking" tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets and desk-top automation.
A longstanding leader in the delivery of Windows applications with its flagship Presentation Server solution, Citrix has extended its product line substantially in recent years, becoming a leader in end-to-end infrastructure for delivering any application to any user with the best performance, security and cost savings.