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Synonyms for uselessness

the condition or quality of being useless or ineffective

the condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything

Synonyms for uselessness

References in classic literature ?
She saw the uselessness of resisting him any longer; and, taking the candle, went before him upstairs.
The lioness fretted about the bole of the tree for a short time; but finally, either realizing the uselessness of her vigil, or prompted by the pangs of hunger, she stalked majestically away and disappeared in the brush that hid her lord, who had not once shown himself during the altercation.
In any case, it did light our way, vaguely, it is true, but I soon accustomed myself to the peculiar darkness, and I understood, under such circumstances, the uselessness of the Ruhmkorff apparatus.
The staple conversation on the farms around was on the uselessness of saving money; and smockfrocked arithmeticians, leaning on their ploughs or hoes, would enter into calculations of great nicety to prove that parish relief was a fuller provision for a man in his old age than any which could result from savings out of their wages during a whole lifetime.
Archer, evidently perceiving the uselessness of trying to ascribe the actions of foreigners to a sense of delicacy.
What troubled him most was the uselessness of Fanny's effort.
She had devoted herself to him with some little sacrifices of self, only remembered now for their uselessness in saving her father the disappointment that sprang from his sanguine and one- idea'd temperament.
Her death has all the pathetic uselessness of martyrdom, all its wasted beauty.
The narrator of Uselessness has longed to leave his home in Puerto Rico for a life in Paris, but when he finally finds himself among the buzzing streets, he realizes that he will always be an outsider.
Like the Whitechapel monster, it's a huge lump of uselessness that's been allowed to grow bigger and bigger until it threatens The London lard is also immovable and stuck in one place.
Meanwhile, Aasiya Andrabi in a statement said that because of the uselessness and hypocrisy of the UN, its resolutions on Kashmir were yet to be implemented.
before they are hurled into the grisly pyre of uselessness.
The song is about how the uselessness of the Magikarp is exactly what won people's hearts.
They trade in one-liners to keep their spirits up, while Isy Suttie, as temp (or, rather "interim worker") Nat, provides plenty of comedy courtesy of her general uselessness.
What will always be prevalent is the amount of politicians squabbling and getting paid for their uselessness.