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in a useless manner


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My eyes wandered back to the upper shelf; and, like the fool I was (there is no milder word that can fitly describe me at that moment), I took the photograph out again, and enraged myself uselessly by another look at it.
My modest round of duties at Windygates, Lord Holchester; occasionally relieved, when my mind is overworked, by the society of a few earnest friends whose views harmonize with my own--my existence passes (not quite uselessly, I hope) in that way.
After he had a hundred times bitten his lips, stretched his legs and his arms like a well-brought-up child who, without daring to gape, exhausts all the modes of evincing his weariness -- after having uselessly again implored his mother and the minister, he turned a despairing look towards the door, that is to say, towards liberty.
An editor's note toward the end of Zigzag refashioned a phrase from Mallarme in one of the funniest--and indeed most profound--remarks I have come across in a book by a critic or historian: "All this minutiae testifies, uselessly perhaps, to some indifference toward future scholars.
They dived under the vehicle and ripped through the brake line causing the huge tail-lift - which folded across the rear doors - to flop down uselessly.
Moseley still have considerable capacity to irritate, not least when skipper and scrum-half Mark Chudleigh kicks good ball uselessly into touch or into the full-back's hands when he should be spinning it wide.
Clark's message to LBJ was this: "I figure this shovel will come in handy to bury all the young American boys uselessly killed in Vietnam last week.
They'll try uselessly to count the ducks and he'll watch the light change and sink into the water - the white light of a lake.
Between the opening self-portrait with its riveting stare and the closing C6zanneesque drawings with their insistence on the constant renewals of vision, the museum's focus on an opticalist Giacometti leaves half its presentation lying uselessly on its back like a beached whale.
The days when dads-to-be paced uselessly up and down outside the delivery room are also gone.
He was hunched, seemingly barely able to stand erect with his arms hanging uselessly at his side as he tried to justify the carnage in the province which his forces had scorched and burned.
Proactive: Despite years of ridicule proactive - the original uselessly prefixed-word - refuses to die honourably.
He follows the line of the stream down and ducks under the fence which hangs uselessly between the banks.
Their smoke alarm was disconnected and lying uselessly without a battery on top of the fridge.