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Synonyms for useless

Synonyms for useless

having no useful purpose

incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

not having the desired effect

Antonyms for useless

having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully

References in classic literature ?
Any change in function, which can be effected by insensibly small steps, is within the power of natural selection; so that an organ rendered, during changed habits of life, useless or injurious for one purpose, might easily be modified and used for another purpose.
Rudimentary organs may be compared with the letters in a word, still retained in the spelling, but become useless in the pronunciation, but which serve as a clue in seeking for its derivation.
He could only think of her as triumphant, successful in her menace of a wholly useless remorse never to be effaced.
D'Artagnan quietly pushed him in again, and by the light of a lamp on the staircase made him ascend the steps backward one by one, keeping his eyes all the time on Mordaunt's hands, who, however, knowing that it was useless, attempted no resistance.
Useless to plead with her; useless to kiss her; she only reiterated the words, "So thirsty
Normally wind turbines are useless in usual winter conditions.
Headteacher Jackie Conway said the stolen laptops are "networked" to the school and will not work outside school grounds - rendering them useless.
Whether male or female, the anchorperson needs to be garrulous, vociferous and have an even more raucous voice during the heated exchange of words between the useless politicians and panelists.
During the processing of wheat, the separation of the grain and chaff produces straw as a useless by-product.
The prelate warned Catholics not to fall into the trap of branding other people as useless outcasts, as he reminded them to reflect on this during Lent.
Useless Bay combines the perfect proportions of mystery and mysticism in this absorbing missing-person story.
If young ones can't get onto the property ladder it's all down to our useless, out-of-touch Tory government and their equally useless Tory policies.
Five minutes is the average nookie time for these lazy, useless creatures.
Dirty Power is useless, useless, useless by Mr Huddleston's criteria.