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We should be thankful that there is nothing that is going to decide our fate based upon our contribution and usefulness to life so far.
However, the commission also found the minister's usefulness has been seriously impaired, not only by his own actions but also, to a very considerable degree, by the actions and inactions of members of the kirk session.
But, "The Gazette" maintained what it regarded as its usefulness to the British community in Egypt, with only occasional attention to Egyptian national aspirations.
Section 629 is now fifteen years old and has outlived its usefulness.
Anthem wound up in second place for usefulness and ease of use, while Medicare ended up second for enjoyability.
The study measures the usefulness of automotive manufacturer websites during the new-vehicle shopping process.
While both practitioners and academicians rate decision usefulness higher than transaction-processing, the ratings given transaction-processing, i.
He is ready, willing and able to transform your life from waste to joyful usefulness and blessing.
GAO identified little quantitative data measuring the usefulness of various types of bilingual voting assistance.
Among the different theoretical models, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is chosen for this study as it helps to further the understanding of technology acceptance and usage behavior, users' perceptions of the system's usefulness and ease of use, as well as their associations with entrepreneurial traits.
Usefulness rating: Two out five, seems like a huge faff for a glass of pop.
He uses his description of cutting into a tree 130 years old to tell the history of the settlement of his land, personalizing the destruction of the land as well as its usefulness to those who have lived on it.
Usefulness of activities for improving instructions: The instructors completed the Usefulness of Activities for Improving Instructions Scale.
From converting the toe-kick under kitchen cabinets into perfect storage areas for serving dishes; to the use of hooks, shelves, and slim cabinetry to enhance the usefulness of a closet, to building a draw into a stair and thereby creating a jumbo-size storage area for bulky items, "Making Room" offers a highly recommended wealth of practical ideas and recommendations for interior design and remodeling that are easy to do and enduringly useful.
His conclusion on the political usefulness of torture is fascinating but could rely more heavily on Elaine Scarry's Body in Pain (which is included in the book's suggested reading list).