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a parking lot where a dealer in used-cars displays cars for sale

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You have made a used-car lot out of our great city of Los Angeles and our San Fernando Valley.
Kathy and Russ Mills, who own a used-car lot in Leona Valley, were enjoying their fourth Love Ride together.
The car dealership bought the narrow stretch of greenbelt from The Newhall Land and Farming Company, intending to build a used-car lot.
So far, the parties have agreed that the used-car lot will be regraded so that it sits lower, behind the berm, Lambert said.
Soon there will be a used-car lot, much of its stock, no doubt, without papers.
It went for $79,500, or about four times what the same model would sell for on an ordinary used-car lot, to an unidentified buyer in Chicago.
The group -- four new-car dealerships, two used-car lots and a body shop -- grosses over $100 million annually and employs about 235 full-time employees.
The board wants to ``strengthen the penalties'' against those who run the impromptu used-car lots, he said.
Freeways criss-cross its far reaches, used-car lots dot corners from Tujunga to Calabasas, and capacious avenues speed its mobile residents to their destinations with ease depending on the time of day.
He plans to build showrooms exclusively for Saturn on the sites of three of his 57 used-car lots.