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a car that has been previously owned

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CarFirst is the first of its kind used-car online buying and selling service provider, which is transforming car trading protocols in Pakistan with a safe, secure, and pre-inspected car procedure to facilitate potential buyers and sellers an easy and quick process.
In late November, during the Tokyo Motor Show, the country's largest, a used-car auction in the city of Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, attracted a lot of Pakistani buyers.
local agent of Toyota and Lexus) announced to provide more preferential terms for used-car loans.
There is evidence that some consumers, choosing to spend more of their holiday time in the UK, are venturing into used-car dealerships in a bid to find a vehicle to enjoy the summer in.
It hasn't been all smooth driving for used-car auctions and dealers.
The board wants to ``strengthen the penalties'' against those who run the impromptu used-car lots, he said.
Despite the Fast growth of its used-car business, eBay sees even more potential in aftermarket parts.
The FMV of a single donated car may be established by using an established used-car pricing guide, but only if it lists the sales price for a car of the same make, model and year, sold in the same area and is in the same condition as the donated car.
NEW research from independent automotive analysts MFBI on the used-car market, reveals that used-car superstores accounted for 7 per cent of all used-car sales in 2001 and that superstores are gaining market share from franchised dealers.
One way Congress could curb the loss of revenue would be to limit the size of the used-car tax deduction to the actual sale price--not the Blue Book value--of a vehicle.
Volvo Car UK Ltd's product manager, used cars, Jim Gallagher, said, "Volvo's used-car business is going from strength to strength.
6, 2012 (CENS) -- To maintain sales volumes in Taiwan, several imported luxury-car brands have set up their branded used-car sales division so as to develop new customer groups, in addition to introducing new models to the island.
local agent of imported Lexus, just added 50 used CT200h hybrids priced at about 85% of a new model to its newly opened used-car dealer in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, as well as offer zero-interest loan of NT$800,000 (US$26,666) in 36 installments to buyers of used Lexus.
Some 378,000 new cars were sold in Taiwan in 2011, with 700,000-plus used-car registration transfers, of which industry experts say about 500,000 were used-car deals.
Flex Fund Financial Services, LLC, a leading provider of used-car inventory financing for new- and used-car dealers, and salvage buyers, today announced FLEXible Trade-Ins, a new program specifically designed to save dealers time and money on trade-in vehicles.