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Synonyms for used


Synonyms for used

in the habit

Synonyms for used

employed in accomplishing something


previously used or owned by another


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The children used to pelt her with mud; so she begged to be taken on as assistant cowherd, but the cowherd would not have her.
They used to run after her--she racing away with her poor feeble lungs panting and gasping, and they pelting her and shouting abuse at her.
The children were forbidden to meet her; but they used to run out of the village to the herd and take her food and things; and sometimes just ran off there and kissed her, and said, 'Je vous aime, Marie
When we left her, Marie used to relapse at once into her old condition, and sit with closed eyes and motionless limbs.
The little ones used to bring her nice things and sweets to eat, but she could hardly touch anything.
At first he seemed only a pleasure-loving simpleton, of whose company I was rather ashamed, and whom I used to hide under my coat when I walked the Embankment, in London.
She mixed her dough, we discovered, in an old tin peck-measure that Krajiek had used about the barn.
More than once, while on my journeys, I found that there was no provision made in the house used for school purposes for heating the building during the winter, and consequently a fire had to be built in the yard, and teacher and pupils passed in and out of the house as they got cold or warm.
My mistress used to go to class meeting at the Wilk Street meetinghouse every Monday after- noon, and leave me to take care of the house.
I used to put my ear to it sometimes to listen if it beat right.
He used to tell me that I was the most beautiful woman in Louisiana, he was so proud of me and the children.
I used to love to read to Henry, to play to him, to waltz with him, and sing to him; but everything I did for this one was a perfect drag,--yet I was afraid to refuse anything.
Then, they made me dress up, every day; and gentlemen used to come in and stand and smoke their cigars, and look at me, and ask questions, and debate my price.
The sisters in the convent used to tell me of a day of judgment, when everything is coming to light;--won't there be vengeance, then!
When I was a girl, I thought I was religious; I used to love God and prayer.