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Urethra and kidney injuries are the most common acute urogenital system traumas, followed by the male reproductive system and bladder injuries, while ureteral injury has the lowest incidence.
Different organ malformations of mesodermal origin, such as the heart, lung, and urogenital system, including Mullerian anomalies can occur in combinations.
Association between congenital absence of vagina and developmental abnormalities of urogenital system was recognised very early, and approximately one-third of the patients have renal anomalies.
Polyorchidism is an extremely rare congenital anomaly of the urogenital system and is defined as the presence of more than two testes.
Baker himself published a considerable body of work on the urogenital system of salamanders, as Dustin Siegel and Robed Aldridge relate in a short biographical note about Baker.
Materia Medica's product portfolio includes anti-inflammatory drugs, sedatives and regulators of the urogenital system.
This higher rate was partly due to an excess of heart diseases and malformations in the urogenital system.
Our examination of embryogenesis will be simplified by the fact that we are concerned only with development of the urogenital system.
This textbook for radiologists, sonographers, and physicians discusses the use of ultrasound imaging in the investigation of the urogenital system.
This tumour is generally rare in the urogenital system, and except for the kidney, other sites include the bladder, the prostate and the spermatic cord (Argyropoulos et al.
Comparatively frequent developmental defects also involve the urogenital system and the sense organs.
Relying on risk factors as indications for ultrasound studies will not detect the majority of congenital anomalies, especially those associated to the urogenital system, a group of conditions that may particularly benefit form prenatal detection.
Just like a car manual except that I'll bet you've never had a problem in the urogenital system of a Honda Civic?
When hematuria does occur, it might be the result of bleeding at any point in the urogenital system, from the glomerulus to the ureter.
Laboratory evidence strongly suggests that endocrine disruptors interfere with development of the male urogenital system, the team reports.