urinary retention

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holding urine in the urinary bladder

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We report the case of an 11-year old girl with eosinophilic cystitis presenting as painless acute urinary retention associated with microscopic hematuria and favourable evolution without treatment.
Initially TURBT was done but after 6 months patient again went into urinary retention so local excision of the tumour was done.
A latest randomized, double-blind, parallel-controlled trial18 also suggested that, the risks of acute urinary retention was not increased when the patients were given the combined use of solifenacin and tamsulosin.
On the other hand, high doses of bupivacaine are associated with dense motor block, prolonged recovery and urinary retention and can reduce patient satisfaction8.
Methods: In this study 53 patients were evaluated at Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore, who came with urinary retention due to enlarged prostate gland as result of benign hyperplasia.
Symptoms of BPH result from obstruction of the prostatic urethra and gradual failure of bladder function, which result in a deficient bladder emptying that can lead to complications, including acute urinary retention [2].
Postpartum urinary retention (PUR) is defined as inability to empty the bladder completely after delivery.
During the follow-up, secondary complications (such as redundant mucosa, secondary concealed penis, postsurgical penis curvature, urinary retention, and urinary infections) and cosmetic results were evaluated.
In doing so they improve symptoms and urinary flow, and decrease the risks of acute urinary retention and the need for BPH related surgery.
The gynecologist identified persistent urinary retention, released the tension-free vaginal tape, and performed a midurethral sling procedure, but the patient continued to have voiding problems.
Urinary retention in women is uncommon, with a much lower incidence than in men.
Post-operative urinary retention (POUR) management was investigated and involved the audit and evaluation of practice against a protocol, policy or standard.
Side effects during the Botox trials included urinary tract infections, painful urination, and urinary retention.
The implementation of an evidence, based algorithm along with comprehensive nursing education supports effective clinical decision-making in the prevention of post-operative urinary retention and bladder distention for women who have undergone urogynecologic surgery.