urinary retention

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holding urine in the urinary bladder

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In clinical trials, 36 of the 552 patients had to self-cathetherize for urinary retention following treatment with BOTOX compared to 2 of the 542 treated with placebo.
5] Occasionally, edema causes bladder outlet obstruction and urinary retention.
The aetiology of urinary retention in women can be broadly classified into mechanical/anatomical, functional/neurological, and miscellaneous causes.
To the Editor: We discuss the case of a child with acute urinary retention and constipation following primary varicella-zoster infection (chickenpox).
Washington, March 26 ( ANI ): A new interventional radiology treatment, prostatic artery embolization may help men who suffered with acute urinary retention due to an enlarged prostate, say researchers who pioneered its use.
Urinary retention, which usually presents during the first 6 months of treatment, is another side effect associated with ezogabine, so urologic symptoms in treated patients should be carefully monitored, the FDA said.
Urinary retention is the inability to voluntarily pass urine.
Does the patient have acute urinary retention or neurogenic bladder the radiologist asked.
Providing relief for persons with an initial episode of acute urinary retention, allowing the bladder to regain its normal muscle tone.
The child was suffering from constipation and urinary retention when he was admitted to the SMC Emergency doctors allegedly diagnosed the cause as sickle cell complications and left him suffering for three days, Mr Mansoor said.
Medication review, looking particularly at those that might affect continence: (1) Medications with anticholinergic properties that may cause urinary retention and possible overflow incontinence; (2) Sedative/hypnotics that may cause sedation leading to functional incontinence; (3) Diuretics that may cause urgency, frequency, or overflow incontinence; (4) Narcotics; (5) Alphaadrenergic agonists that may cause urinary retention in men; (6) Antagonists that may cause stress incontinence in women; (7) Calcium channel blockers that may cause urinary retention
Acute urinary retention required urethral catheterization.
The patient presented on the day following the fall with signs of acute urinary retention, and 500 mL of urine was drained after catheterization.
In addition, cystitis, or inflammation of the bladder, may be due to an external infection, but it may also result from a physical condition, such as urinary retention or bladder stones.