uric acid

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a white tasteless odorless crystalline product of protein metabolism

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The body regulates uric acid primarily in the kidneys.
Over time, gout and elevated uric acid levels in the blood can lead to serious health consequences, including permanent bone and joint damage; kidney stones or disease; diabetes; and heart attack, stroke or heart disease.
After six months, uric acid levels climbed (by 15 percent) only in the sugar-sweetened-cola drinkers.
This is supported by a study in which uric acid levels increased in a group of people following a dairy-free diet for four weeks," she says.
Imaging exams are also helpful when trying to distinguish between uric acid and calcium stones.
They contain high levels of purine, which cause a build-up of uric acid.
In the past, the condition has affected men more because oestrogen in women helps the kidneys get rid of uric acid.
This finding confirms the clinical relevance of prior translational work pointing to a link between uric acid and bone health, Dr.
They mixed uric acid and chlorine, and within an hour, both NCl3 and CNCl formed.
COMMON CAUSES URIC acid - a compound produced by the body's own cells when breaking down food - is the key component in gout.
Uric acid, a compound produced by the body's own cells when breaking down food, is considered the key component in gout.
ISLAMABAD -- Green tea prevents an increase of sugar level in blood while the fermented pawpaw helps to reduce uric acid.
Uric acid can be utilized as a nutrient by termites and cockroaches following digestion by uricolytic bacteria harbored in the hindgut or fat body.
Uric acid is the final product of purine nucleotides metabolism in humans and hyperuricemia is an important metabolic problem that has become increasingly common worldwide over the past decades.