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Synonyms for urging

a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something

the act of earnestly supporting or encouraging

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insistent solicitation and entreaty

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Urging the IRS to maintain the current practice of requesting confidential information upon audit, TEI offered two alternatives: (i) modify Form W-2 to add an additional letter code (e.
State legislators need to be contacted to introduce and support resolutions urging Congress to pass the Constitution Restoration Act.
Urging passage of Scott's amendment, McGovern reminded lawmakers that when the first national job-training program was created, it was done with the backing of then-Senator Dan Quayle and President Ronald Reagan, who signed it into law.
An ecumenical health care network is urging Canadian Christians to sign a petition urging the federal government's National Health Council to begin the work of involving Canadians in the creation of a Health Covenant.
An inspiring DAV television public service announcement (PSA) urging employers to hire disabled veterans look top honors in the 25th Annual Telly Awards, which honors commercials, videos, and programs in broad casting.
SANTA CLARITA - Activists from both ends of the political spectrum in Santa Clarita are urging residents to oppose a plan to raise the amount individuals can contribute to candidates for the Santa Clarita City Council.
As the rider moved quickly through Congress, we wrote a set of letters to Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman and Interior Secretary Gale Norton urging them to open up the process of developing national guidelines for implementing the new stewardship contracting provisions.
Also, the Institute supported the department's plan to review the process used to determine Fair Market Rents, urging expansion of the survey of comparable rents and making sure these 'comparable' properties meet HUD's physical condition standards.
This is not to say that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell would send young men to blow themselves up in discos or fly airplanes into buildings, or that the Southern Baptist Convention, which passed a resolution a few years ago urging wives to "submit graciously" to their husbands, wants to impose Talibanesque restrictions on women.
NAHB is urging President Clinton to convene a national housing summit to address the question of rapidly accelerating lumber prices.
In urging swift passage of HIT legislation, Premier asked lawmakers to adopt the House-passed provisions in H.
The moderator of the third Bush-Kerry debate in Tempe, Arizona, CBS News personality Bob Schieffer, observed that he had received countless e-mails urging him to raise the issue of immigration.
I am urging pastors and church leaders to prayerfully consider attending this essential conference on the rights of pastors and churches.
Richard Alarcon made an 11th-hour pitch Monday to block state approval of the expansion of Bradley Landfill in Sun Valley by urging Mayor James Hahn to withdraw the permit application.