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Synonyms for urgent

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate attention

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for urgent

compelling immediate action


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SmartCare Urgent Care's urgent care centers, located in the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas, are equipped with x-ray, laboratory services and licensed providers are always available to perform minor procedures like splinting and suturing.
The new Urgent Treatment Centre can offer night-time appointments, but offering full walk-in access at night time would mean moving staff away from A&E, which would not be a good use of highly-trained medical staff.
London saw the fewest number of urgent cases at 174, but more than a quarter were still not seen within the week.
The South of England had 291 urgent cases, with 38.
However, since he waited for more than three years to file a case, it was not urgent anymore; he should have filed the case at the High Civil Court.
Six of them belong to Eugene Urgent Care, which is owned by a group of about a dozen doctors but is independent of any hospital or physicians group.
Additional dual model ER/Urgent Care facilities are currently in various stages of construction in Denton and Rockport, Texas, along with an in-terminal Urgent Care at DFW International Airport and a hybrid ER and Urgent Care facility in the DFW Airport Southgate Plaza.
Staying healthy and avoiding illnesses was cited an urgent personal concern by 63 percent while 44 percent said having a secure and well-paying job or source of income, 41 percent said finishing school or providing schooling for children and another 41 percent said having enough to eat on a daily basis.
Hoag Urgent Care & Family Medicine will also provide scheduled primary care appointments.
Urgent cases in the context of construction contracts
The circular added that the transfer letter would be issued within 24 hours in urgent transfer case and all the concerned Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors would ensure the timely completion of such cases while period of routine cases have been reduced from 15 to 10 days.
21 December 2015 - US-based independent urgent care organisation FastMed Urgent Care has acquired Texan Urgent Care, a 14-clinic urgent care operator with locations in the Austin, San Antonio, Tomball and Waco metropolitan areas, the company said.
In partnership with Urgent Team, an independent operator of urgent and family-care centers in the Southeast, Baptist Health Urgent Care will offer unscheduled access to care for patients and support Baptist Health physicians who seek to provide an after-hours option to their patients, according to a news release.
Doctors Express, in partnership with the 180-member Central Massachusetts Independent Physician Association, is planning to open two urgent care centers in Worcester that will offer a high level of medical care for people too sick to go to a walk-in clinic, but not sick enough to require an emergency room visit.
However, the pathway for urgent referrals is not always known, especially when referring across health board borders.