urethral orifice

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the orifice through which urine is discharged

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Conclusion: ALA-PDT can treat genital warts safely with high cure rate and low recurrence rate, particularly working for those of males at the urethral orifice.
On opening the diverticulum in one goat kid, however, two rudimentary urethral orifices were found, one of which (a blind pouch), was closed using a transfixing ligature, while the other, which communicated with the penile urethra, was surgically opened up for a permanent urethrostomy.
After birth, the foreskin protects the head of the penis (the glans) and prevents the external urethral orifice from abrasion and drying out.
The receiving member comprises an annular portion removably insertable from below the holder member through the through-hole so as to be located on the upper surface in the transversely middle zone of the crotch region for surrounding at least one of an anus and a urethral orifice of the wearer in use.
In this case, however, the perineum and urethral orifice are measured and a circular diaphragm-like collection device is fitted around the urethra; this can be sized for optimum fit.
In urethral obstruction, a sterile polyethylene catheter was passed from external urethral orifice to urinary bladder cavity.
Within a minute, the drainage had ceased, and vaginoscopy was performed, revealing remnants of an imperforate hymen just cranial to the external urethral orifice.
All were presented with erythematous swelling of the external urethral orifice with a pinhead-like ostium at the center of the swollen area, through which pus could be expressed with pressure.
A tubular protrusion extends upwardly from the upper surface of the crotch region and is sized and positioned in a transversely middle zone of the crotch region for surrounding at least one of an anus and a urethral orifice of the wearer.
The labial, vestibular, and urethral orifices should be sterilized with a 0.
I recommend filling the bladder to approximately 300 cc, or to the point where you can see evidence of full distension such as flattened urethral orifices.