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Women get these infections much more frequently because the female urethra is only three to five centimeters long; in men, the urethra is about 20 centimeters long and goes through the penis.
The urethra is hidden in the vertical folds above the vaginal orifice [Figure 1].
After incision urethra was completely mobilized from underneath corpus cavernosa and rotated to 180 degrees.
The human urethra has been assessed using radiographic techniques for many years, with retrograde urethrography (RUG) being the standard1.
The aetiology of urethral calculi can be classified as either originating within the urethra itself (de novo) as a result of an anatomical abnormality or from distal stone migration from the bladder or upper urinary tracts.
Much more prevalent than prostate cancer, BPH occurs when the prostate gland that surrounds the male urethra becomes enlarged with advancing age and begins to obstruct the urinary system.
A penoscrotal incision was made; dissection was carried down to the end of the Babcock and the distal end of the bulbar urethra identified.
On VCUG and RGU, prostatic utricle cyst is diagnosed when spontaneous opacification of a diverticulum arising from the prostatic urethra is seen.
Imaging investigations included an ultrasonography of the urinary tract that did not show any sign of urethral stenosis and a retrograde urethrocystography highlighted a stenosed anterior bulbomembranous urethra but no tight stricture (Figure 1).
UTI, if left untreated, can cause serious illness, especially if the infection from the urethra spreads to the kidneys.
The catheter is usually passed into the bladder via the urethra - the tube connecting the bladder to the outside - under sterile conditions.
It can happen if you don't empty your bladder properly, there is damage to the urethra or you don't wipe properly.
Patients often present with penile deformity recurrent urinary infections urinary incontinence serosal discharge from the accessory urethra and difficulty in urinating.
The urethra was divided into two portions: pelvic urethra lined by squamous epithelium and clitoral urethra with its ostium opening at the top of the clitoris forming a pseudo-penis.
Dubai: Prostate is a walnut size gland in men surrounding a tube called urethra through which urine and semen pass.