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an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia

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Purity of the growth was checked by Gram staining, Oxidase, Catalase, Rapid Urease Test (RUT) and sub culture was done on solid medium (Brucella agar) and incubating in aerobic and microaerobic conditions.
All the four samples were subjected to Direct Gram Stain, Rapid Urease Test and Culture [12-13].
Nevertheles, negative results of catalase and urease tests and disappearance of detectable antibodies against Brucella spp.
Detection of Helicobacter pylori: a faster urease test can save resources.
This characteristic has been documented previously with other urease tests, in particular the CLO test, which was noted to have a false-negative rate of approximately 40% at 3 hours.
One antral for the PCR-ureC, three for culture (antral, body and fundus), other antral for rapid urease test (RUT).
Comparison of agar gel (CLOtest) or reagent strip (Pylori Tek) rapid urease tests for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection.
pylori Diagnostic test Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%) Noninvasive/nonendoscopic tests Fecal antigen test 90 95 Antibody detection ELISA 94 78 Serum immunoassay 89 74 Whole blood immunoassay 83 75 Urea breath test 90 96 Invasive/endoscopic tests Rapid urease tests 88-90 95-100 Histology 93 99 Culture 80-95 100
Prospective comparison of commercially-available rapid urease tests for diagnosis of H.
Rapid urease tests provide a quick, specific, and inexpensive method to confirm H pylori infection if endoscopy is performed.
pylori could be identified in 56 Grams stained smears of crushed biopsy materials, 64 positive rapid urease tests with biopsy materials, culture isolated from 22 cases & IgG in sera of patients against H.
The reliability of urease tests, histology and culture in the diagnosis of Campylobacter priori infection.
Urease tests to determine the presence of antibodies for the detection of autoantibodies, immune analyzer, together with the lease; cytochemicznego staining reagents, reagents for the determination of antibodies with the lease of the analyzer; serological reagents along with the lease analyzer paper disks; reagents for the diagnosis of syphilis; immunochromatographic assays for the detection and cassette norovirus antigen in a stool sample; plastic swab in sterile tube without substrate.