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an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia

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In the past decades, many urease inhibitors like phosphorodiamidates, hydroxamic acid derivatives have been investigated but because of their instability or toxicity they are prevented from being employed in vivo and part of them had side effects.
Saggar S, Singh J, Giltrap DL, Zaman D, Luo J, Rollo M, Kim D-G, Rys G, van der Weerden TJ (2013) Quantification of reductions in ammonia emissions from fertiliser urea and animal urine in grazed pastures with urease inhibitors for agriculture inventory: New Zealand as a case study.
The utilization of urease inhibitors, such as the NBPT present in the SuperN[R], generally reduces the initial N[H.
Urease inhibitors are consequently measured to be potential antiulcer drugs (Arfan et al.
2, it increased significantly when urea was applied with NBPT; in early rice, compared with 0% NBPT, application of urease inhibitors with urea improved BSW by 7.
BASF has invested significantly into R&D to solve drawbacks of generic urease inhibitors.
To summarize, urease inhibitors are highly potential target for different pathological conditions induced urease hyperactivity.
Reducing NH3 emission loss from urea fertilizer: urease inhibitors,polymer coatings and micronutrient.
In order to further reduce loss by these processes, alternative fertilisation techniques, such as the use of controlled release fertilisers, urease inhibitors, and nitrification inhibitors, need to be considered.
To prevent ammonia loss, fertilizer manufacturers routinely add urease inhibitors - actually, chemical relatives of urea - to block hydrolysis, thus preserving nitrogen until it's taken up by plants.
Knowing the enzyme's structure may make it possible to synthesize urease inhibitors to control the rate of nitrogen release.
Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Kinetic Properties of -hydroxy--phenylpropionyl-hydroxamic acids as Helicobacter pylori Urease Inhibitors.
Enhanced efficiency fertilisers (EEFs), including urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors, fine particle sprays, and controllcd-rclease fertilisers, have the potential to decrease N losses from agriculture by either altering the rate of N transformations or slowing the release of N from fertiliser granules (Chen et al.