urban guerrilla

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a guerrilla who fights only in cities and towns

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Urban Guerrilla poetry also targeted the mindsets of individual citizens.
Many of the vehicles have been transformed and modernised with heavy steel plating, ballistic-resistant windows and through other ways aimed at providing better security to troops in urban guerrilla warfare.
It is a kind of urban guerrilla war in which the fighting is conducted from house to house," Hviid said.
Misrata has been the scene of deadly urban guerrilla fighting between pro-Kadhafi forces and outgunned rebels for more than six weeks.
The most interesting aspect of this work is how much it reflects traditional military theory; strategically, one sees heavy influence from Mao and Sun Tzu, and the tactical material is often adaptations of western military manuals or other standard works such as Carlos Marighella's Manual of the Urban Guerrilla rather than some sort of new, uniquely Islamist thinking.
1974: American heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped in San Francisco by an urban guerrilla group.
His murder was the first killing of a journalist in Greece since the mid-1980s, when left-wing urban guerrilla group November 17 assassinated a conservative newspaper publisher.
The film examines his career as he changed from a young pro-Palestinian radical making his mark as a new kind of urban guerrilla before ending as a fugitive hunted down in Sudan.
The trial began with special public prosecutor Ujwal Nikam reading aloud the confession, which claimed that Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, the alleged mastermind of the attack, had trained Qasab and his nine accomplices in urban guerrilla warfare in Pakistan.
The glorious Easter Rising in 1916 was brutally crushed by the British, leading to the founding of the Irish Republican Army and its urban guerrilla tactics.
Through the book's tripartite structure, which includes sections on "Scotland," "Spain," and "London," we learn aboutChristie's youth in working-class Glasgow and how he was guided by his Granny's strong "moral influence/' "work ethic," and "sense of community"; his emerging political radicalism and blundering efforts at "decisive action and immediate solutions"; and life after his prison debacle, during which he continued his political activities and was arrested, tried, and ultimately acquitted on charges related to the Angry Brigade's urban guerrilla activities in London.
Patrick Swayze is one of a band of small-town American teens who launch an urban guerrilla rebellion when Soviet troops invade and occupy the US.
TV B92 represented an urban guerrilla directly confronting the regime.
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