uranium ore

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any ore from which uranium can be extracted

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I cannot announce [the size of] Iran's uranium ore reserves.
According to Iranian media, the two mines had been discovered 30 years ago and undergone technical processes and construction over 18 years in order to provide uranium ore for Iran's nuclear sector, pointing out that the facilities produce concentrated yellow cake with a production capacity of up to 60 tons.
One of them is Tenex, a Russian firm, which will provide part of the supply of uranium concentrate, conversion services for uranium ore and enrichment services.
Uranium ore is mined in several ways: by open pit, underground, in-situ leaching, and borehole mining.
Amman, June 12 (Petra) -- The Jordanian French Uranium Mining Company JFUMC, which is prospecting for uranium ore in Central Jordan, said the Kingdom's confirmed resources of the mineral now exceed 20,000 tons.
The announcement marks another step in Tehran's efforts to achieve proficiency in the entire nuclear fuel cycle - from exploring uranium ore to producing nuclear fuel - despite UN sanctions and measures by the US and others to get it to halt aspects of its atomic work that could provide a possible pathway to weapons production.
The Trekkopje project, with a very low grade uranium ore, is widely believed to be only viable at a long term price of US$70 to US$80 per pound but since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station incident in March, the uranium spot price has been depressed averaging US$55 per pound.
The Iranian regime was expressing contempt for the talks even before they began, by parading its own concentrated uranium ore - better known as yellowcake - in front of the world's television cameras," said AJC Executive Director David Harris.
According to the AP, nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the uranium ore concentrate, known as yellowcake, was produced at the Gachin uranium mine in southern Iran and delivered to the uranium conversion facility in the central city of Isfahan for reprocessing.
The mining and milling of uranium ore is not banned by UN resolutions (which focus on uranium enrichment), but one of the ways the international community has sought to close down Iran's nuclear programme is to stop it importing yellowcake.
Russia's state holding company AtomProm is the world's seventh-largest holder of uranium ore reserves, the third-largest producer of nuclear fuel but only the fifth-largest miner of uranium.
Other orders include projects in roads, STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant), Uranium Ore Processing Plant, Civil Works in various States including Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh-Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh-Vijayawada, Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry.
Forecast full-year production was downgraded to 4,300-4,700 metric tons of uranium ore from a previous view that it would be in line with 2009's level of 5,240 tons.
22 million tonnes of Uranium ore deposits in Meghalaya.
No, not Iran; Jordan has a nuclear-power program, and the US is even making moves to help; there's just one small problem: the US wants Jordan to buy enriched uranium for fuel, instead of using the roughly 65,000 tons of uranium ore recently discovered in Jordan.