uranium ore

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any ore from which uranium can be extracted

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In the longstanding legal dispute surrounding the mining of uranium ore, the final decision was taken by the Supreme Court," the Supreme Court claimed in a press release, as quoted by TASR.
The McClean Lake mill has a total production capacity of 24 million lb/y of uranium ore concentrate, providing it with excess capacity to process potential new ore from McClean Lake and other uranium deposits in the future.
In a paper published in the April edition of Public Library of Science (PLoS), the team explains how a soil bacteria found at an old uranium ore mill in Rifle, Colorado, can lock up radioactive element that leached into the soil, polluting water.
The existing uranium tailings are located at Tajikistan's former uranium deposits, as well as the only functioning State Unitary Enterprise Fuluzoti Nodiri Tochikiston which retains the potential for uranium ore processing.
From last few weeks, posters with instructions for drivers to stop ferrying uranium ore from the Bagjata Mines have appeared on trucks at regular intervals, instilling fear and tension among transporters.
However, Professor Steve Lincoln, a uranium expert at the University of Adelaide, said the slurry is likely to have a low level of radioactivity since uranium ore is broken down when mixed with sulphuric or nitric acid which is part of the uranium refining process.
Iran needs uranium for its nuclear programme, and Niger has recently criticised a longstanding agreement with France -- which gets most of its uranium from the former colony -- demanding a bigger share of the profits from uranium ore mining.
The mine has a reported capacity of 132,000 t/y of uranium ore.
Iran's official TV reported that the two mines are 350-meters deep and 120 kilometers away from Ardakan city where a facility produces uranium ore for use in Iranian enrichment facilities.
Jamshedpur: Adequate uranium reserves have been proved for India's nuclear power programme and the future belonged to mineralisation of poor grade uranium ore, according to the country's nuclear experts.
It is understood the Kanyemba deposits hold about 450 000 tonnes of uranium ore or yellow cake, and for over three years the Chinese have been shipping over 3 000 samples to China every month.
Uranium ore is mined in several ways: by open pit, underground, in-situ leaching, and borehole mining.
Amman, June 12 (Petra) -- The Jordanian French Uranium Mining Company JFUMC, which is prospecting for uranium ore in Central Jordan, said the Kingdom's confirmed resources of the mineral now exceed 20,000 tons.
The announcement marks another step in Tehran's efforts to achieve proficiency in the entire nuclear fuel cycle - from exploring uranium ore to producing nuclear fuel - despite UN sanctions and measures by the US and others to get it to halt aspects of its atomic work that could provide a possible pathway to weapons production.
The Trekkopje project, with a very low grade uranium ore, is widely believed to be only viable at a long term price of US$70 to US$80 per pound but since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station incident in March, the uranium spot price has been depressed averaging US$55 per pound.