uranium 235

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a uranium isotope with mass number 235

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Centrifuges are chambers in which the gas is spun at high speeds until it separates into two isotope forms: uranium 238 and uranium 235, the former being useless since most power plants use uranium 235 to produce energy.
Within a few days 30,000 more deaths would follow as a result of shock and the terrible injuries inflicted by the explosion triggered by slamming two pieces of the highly unstable Uranium 235 together.
They would look at Earth's rocks to find layers that relate to the snowball glaciations to assess whether uranium 235 is present in higher amounts.
Many veterans have since tested positive for traces of uranium 235 and have a much higher cancer rate than the general population.
Werner Heisenberg, Germany's leading physicist, was conducting experiments with the intention of exploiting chain reactions of uranium 235.
In the past, the Congolese ore was processed at Hoboken in Belgium where it was first transformed into Uranium 235, which stil l cannot be used for military purposes.
There had been speculation about the feasibility of an atomic bomb but it was thought impossible to isolate enough of the necessary material - an isotope called uranium 235.
Last month four people were arrested in former Soviet Georgia with two kilograms of uranium 235 in their possession - almost enough to create a weapon that could wipe out a big city.
Uranium 235, enriched uranium, we worked with every day.
DEPLETED uranium is a by-product of the refinement process that creates highly radioactive uranium 235, used in nuclear reactors.
Enrichment of uranium involves lifting the concentration of flammable uranium 235 in naturally existing uranium from 0.
According to news reports, the Tokaimura workers were handling uranium enriched to around 18 percent uranium 235, in preparation for fabricating mixed oxide fuel for the Joyo research reactor.
Originally, Hitchcock thought the idea of uranium 235, from which the future atomic bomb would be made, might be interesting, but they made it industrial diamonds.
The rods, containing uranium 235 in a concentration of 3.
It was disclosed that such flights take place up to five times a year and that as recently as last Wednesday a shipment of uranium 235 for medical use was flown from London to Canada.