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Synonyms for upside-down

Synonyms for upside-down

being in such a position that top and bottom are reversed


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If you are driving past a McDonald's in Lynwood, California, it might already actually have an upside-down golden arch.
Mall of Qatar (MoQ) is hosting Kai Leclerc's world-famous Upside-Down Show until February 3.
Their digestive systems can't cope with much fruit or root material, so they snag tender new leaves, sometimes easier to reach from an upside-down perch.
People recognized right-side-up men better than upside-down men, suggesting that they were seeing the sexualized men as people.
The world's first upside-down hotel is expected to open in Dubai in 2013, Hotelier Middle East can reveal.
Here each glyph is shown above its upside-down version, and every letter inverts into a valid letter with the exception of "c".
Then place them upside-down in Frontline racks, connect it with a Frontline fresh oil pump station and fill your fryers using the no-mess dispensing wand.
AN investigation was under way today after a light aircraft made an emergency landing and ended up upside-down in a river.
The Islamic Republic has accused the American-based Associated Press of tampering with a photo to make it appear Pakistan had flown the Iranian flag upside-down.
Little is known about the mechanism of this active upside-down gliding.
She was in a disabled bay but the upside-down disc's expiry date could not be seen so the warden slapped a pounds 35 ticket on the vehicle in Kendal, Cumbria.
A WOMAN was left hanging upside-down, suspended by her seat belt, after her car overturned in Nuneaton yesterday.
com) where you'll pay pounds 75 for a 183cm upside-down tree.
Crump, The Upside-Down Year is an action-packed saga set in the late 1800's.