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Synonyms for uproot

Synonyms for uproot

Synonyms for uproot

move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment


Related Words

destroy completely, as if down to the roots

pull up by or as if by the roots

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The challenge of prophesy and of Jesus' teachings is to liberate and equip Christians to have the courage to work for alternative community, to work for peace and justice, which is to address the causes that uproot people.
In relevant remarks earlier this month, President Rouhani asked the world states to join efforts to fight and uproot terrorism.
The awareness campaigns organized last year in the governorate as well as the benefits and assistance offered to farmers who took the initiative to uproot qat encouraged farmers to respond positively to government calls to stop the expansion of qat cultivation this year.
Together, we will uproot this menace and overcome all challenges facing Pakistan, InshaAllah, he added.
We also want to ensure that the rest of the olive trees in the area are preserved and end the plans to uproot the other marked trees," he said.
He said he vowed the government would not uproot his home a second time.
CAN YOU DIG IT: Gardeners from across Coventry gather to uproot some of the sought-after shrubs; TAKE YOUR PICK: John Peters of Coundon takes a plant
More than two dozen county and federal agents, some dropping in by helicopter, moved in on the sites Monday to uproot and destroy the illegal crop.
Head of Husan village council, Mohammed Shosheh, told WAFA that forces proceeded in the early morning to uproot and seize the olive saplings in Ein al-Hawyeh area in the village of Husan.
He wants to uproot the tree and if he uproots it, he'll kill it,'' Shaw said.
He said the Israeli decision to uproot the trees was made in
A statement by the Christian Peacemakers Team said Israeli soldiers raided the border village and proceeded to uproot around 100 olive trees, Palestinina official news agency WAFA reported.